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I Applied For A Job At A Nursing Home?

by tom44 on July 31, 2012

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Question by Yup Yup CENSORED: I Applied For A Job At A Nursing Home?
I live in Sacramento, Ca and I was wondering if anyone would hire me without my CNA certificate which I’m going to get once I find a job so I can pay for the schooling.

I’m unable to get student aid to pay for it since I owe my previous college money and work is scarce around here. Would the home be able to hire me for a short period of time before I get my CNA certificate?

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Answer by Surgio
I used to work at an old folks home, and many of the nurses did not have a CNA. But that was like 10yrs ago it might be different now, it was my first job ever, i worked as an assistant to the maintenance guy. Cool job for me but the nurses had to change old people diapers, YUCK! Good luck!

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