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I am trying to rearrange my life….can someone please help?

by tom44 on August 31, 2012

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Question by Baby G: I am trying to rearrange my life….can someone please help?
Hi All,

So here is the deal. I have a job that I HATE, like cant stand it but it pays well. I also have a son who I am raising on my own, I pay 1085 in rent, 800 dollars a month in daycare, and I still have all my other bills to pay per month. Financially its taking a toll on me, its really hard. So I have decided to move to a place where the rent is cheaper but its far away from Boston where I work. I will be going into nursing school in Aug of 2010 so I will not be able to keep this job anyways, so I was thinking that now that my rent will be cheap then I become CNA go get my foot in the door in the nursing field. Should I move and keep the well paying job, even though its far or move and work as a CNA….?? His father lives in the town that I am moving to and has agreed to watch the baby while I work so daycare will be cut out of the equation too, his father gives me a certain amount of money per month for the baby, but its not enough. My current job makes me so unhappy and I get anxiety like every morning from coming here…I just want to make the right choice but advice from everyone will help alot.
Awesome answers…Thank you ALL so much!!! I pray it will all work out…….

Best answer:

Answer by NCRider
get the hell out of that job. if you want to be a nurse. be a nurse. it will work out. the universe has a way of working out if you truly want something.

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4 thoughts on “I am trying to rearrange my life….can someone please help?

  1. Creek says:

    get a lawyer and sue your ex for mo money.

  2. ????????? says:

    I think that you should really sit down and weigh out ALL of your options. I am going through a similar situation… And I am still deciding on what I should do. You are definitely on the right path by getting advice. Just be careful that you do the right thing for YOU. Sometimes we have to realize that we are just as important as our children because if we don’t take care of ourselves we will not be able to care for our children. So if you are not happy with your job and are experiencing anxiety. I would definitely get myself out of that situation or perhaps talk to a doctor. Also, you should pray to God everyday for his guidance this also helps.

  3. Rachel E says:

    Some places that you work will pay for school. Get your CNA and work for perhaps a hospital associated with a university. My sister works for a University hospital and they are paying for her degree. She is able to do it all. If that isn’t an option, some low interest student loans are out there to help you until you can finish school and be totally on your own.

  4. luvnhatelife says:

    I understand about not liking a certain job. Been there too many times.

    I say for right now your best bet is to move. Don’t quit your job unless you really have too, because in today’s society jobs are hard to come by and you know this job pays well.

    So move into a cheaper apartment. Take the father of your child up on that offer to babysit, so that you do not have to pay daycare. Take care of your schooling, then get then get your career job.

    You’ll be less stress after you move, because you’ll be paying less in rent, and no longer be paying daycare.

    One step at a time.

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