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I am thinking about relocating to San Antonio?

by tom44 on September 10, 2013

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Question by John R: I am thinking about relocating to San Antonio?
I want to move back to Texas, I am from Austin but don’t want to move there really. Anyhow, I am was curious to know what part of town is safe and nice to live in, for example, the North side or near the Army or Air Force posts. Also, is any one familiar with the employment situation, how difficult is it to find a job in SA? I am currently in Michigan so I know it is better but I don’t want to look for a job for 6-8 like you have to here. Thanks everyone!

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Answer by TheGrandOnion
You’re best off on the northside of town. Just the same, crime can occur anywhere. For sure you want to stay away from the east side, particularly the northeast side. The local nightly news is never complete without the daily robbery/murder/etc. that happened “last night” on the northeast side.

Texas is currently (so the media say) enjoying an unemployment rate lower than the rest of the country. That written, the key jobs here in San Antonio are (at one end of the spectrum) tourist/industry-related or call-center, OR (at the other end) a specialty, high-skilled job like medical, & military. Plus there’s the Toyota truck plant on the southside.

As always, plan ahead before heading out here.
Good luck!

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One thought on “I am thinking about relocating to San Antonio?

  1. JeffGordonfan24® says:

    Ok move

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