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I am thinking about a job as a medical assistant, should I go back to school?

by tom44 on August 22, 2012

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Question by kimberly_stricklin: I am thinking about a job as a medical assistant, should I go back to school?
I went to Austin Community College for a block-time program in Office Occupations thinking that will help me get a job, but it didn’t turn out that way, I was looking into the medical field as a medical tranpristionst, I don’t think that is a good idea to work at home, so I am going to look into this medical assistant career.

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Answer by abhaya
medical assistants get to do all the dirty work in nursing hmes and hospitals. If you like cleaning bedpans and heavy lifting it is your dream job!! If not then you may want to consider a different road to travel. I wa a medical assistant for many years working with disabled kids. I loved my job but I am now 45 and need knee replacements and I have a bad back because of all the lifting so b carefull.

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3 thoughts on “I am thinking about a job as a medical assistant, should I go back to school?

  1. VW Touareg says:

    Every jobs required constant upgrading of your knowledge and skills. Hence, further your studies at your tender age will benefits your future career path.

    Therefore, if you could further your studies and provide volunteer care towards patients needs. That will benefit you in both social and psychology responsibilities to our society needs.

  2. Jill says:

    To be perfectly honest, medical assisting is a field right now that is oversaturated. There are too many (for-profit) schools pumping out too many MA graduates and there are not enough jobs for all of them. I have heard from SO many new MA grads who aren’t able to find jobs. MAs have such a limited skill set and therefore the kinds of facilities you can work in are also limited.

    You’re better off going into nursing – either LPN or RN if you want job stability in a medical career.

  3. Adam H says:

    I’d check out the job availability for this work and how much the starting pay is. Before you spend a lot of time going for a career in this area I’d also talk with someone or a couple people who are doing it before I made my decision. Be sure the money is right for you and it is a job you can go to on those days you feel like blah. If it isn’t look for something that fits you more. It sounds like your trying to find something you’ll enjoy doing. Take some interest inventory and personality profile tests these will help you make your decision.

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