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I am relocating from California to Dallas Texas Where is a place to live?

by tom44 on March 15, 2013

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Question by lovemonkey: I am relocating from California to Dallas Texas Where is a place to live?
My husband job is in Irving. We are looking to stay under $ 1200 a month for rent until we find a house to buy. I have medium size dogs and no children at this time but in the future. I would like to be in a good community but not far from a city.

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Answer by Jenny
Texas sucks, but not more than Phoenix, AZ

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9 thoughts on “I am relocating from California to Dallas Texas Where is a place to live?

  1. mike1942f says:

    Dallas/Ft.Worth is peppered with good communities. Dogs may be a problem. Irving has a lot of rental housing. Depending on your freedom of movement desires, I would avoid Grand Prairie or Arlington because neither is part of DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) while Irving is and with the current cost of gasoline it can be a real bargain, including getting to downtown Fort Worth or Dallas for cultural activities although Irving is strong on stuff.
    Depending on your definition of city and “not far” nothing in a reasonable distance of Irving is “not city”. The only caution about Irving is there are some nice places to live (i.e. expensive but maybe not from a California view) that require driving around the airport to get there and that puts you on some heavy traffic routes even for a short commute.

  2. sv911 says:

    North Dallas is where you want to be. There are a lot of nice smaller towns that are suburbs of Dallas too in that area that are safe and within decent driving time of Irving. Good luck and welcome to Texas!

  3. TX2step says:

    I moved from So. Cal to Dallas last year, and LOVE it here! The north suburbs are wonderful – very little crime, excellent schools, family oriented, lots of parks, great stores & restaurants. Plano & Frisco are larger cities, with a range of housing prices, although the lots are smaller (what you’re probably used to in CA); Allen (50,000) and McKinney (150,000) have more of a small-town feel, although the lots aren’t that much bigger. Fairview (3000) andLucas (5000) will have the largest lots (1+ acres) and beautiful new homes. These are all right next to each other, and about 30-45 min. from downtown Dallas ….. Welcome! (You’ll enjoy the LACK of graffiti, gang driveby shootings, freeway snipers, homeless people, and general craziness of CA)

  4. missy says:

    Try the Village in central Dallas. Its a large area made up of different apartment complexes. Its centrally located, 5 mins from downtown, but has beautiful landscaping and trails. There are a ton of pools, tennis courts, and other outdoor activities. I love it! Its great for dogs too, because there is space to take them on those long walks they love! Everything you need is right here…. the city is close, the suburbs are close… its great, check it out! Northbridge, Westside, and Dakota are great apartment complexes in the village, probably the best 3. If you go to the website, pay little attention to the rent prices they quote… they ALWAYS have specials! When I moved in I got 2 months FREE!

  5. Muppet says:

    Anything in Las Colinas or Valley Ranch is nice.

  6. Prairie Girl says:

    You didn’t mention if you’d be working and if so where, so I’ll just go by the info you did give. Since your husband will be working in Irving and gas prices are so high you might want to live in Irving as well. The population of Irving is 200,000 and it’s 15 minutes from downtown Dallas. There are 2 different sections of Irving that are very nice. One is Las Colinas and the other is Valley Ranch. They are both in north Irving. If you are looking for work you’d probably have a good chance of finding it in Las Colinas. You could get a nice apartment for under $ 1,200. Irving does have bus service within the city itself, park & ride lots with buses taking you into downtown Dallas and rail service to Dallas and the airport. However, it does not service Ft. Worth or other suburbs. Grand Prairie, south of Interstate 20, is very easily accessible to Irving and there are very nice apartments in south GP. GP is in Tarrant county so taxes and car insurance are cheaper. GP has a population of 155,000, and it borders Irving and Dallas. GP also has a lot of very nice new homes in south GP. If convenience isn’t important when you buy then the 2 nicest places are Plano & Frisco. They are both more upscale than Irving & GP, both have a lot of shopping and good schools (for later on) but the drive to work in Irving would be grueling. If you need any more info I’ll check back to see if you have more questions.

  7. jvtech says:

    I live in Euless and love it. It is immediately east of Irving. We have wonderful parks here with lots of walking trails, and you can find just about any price range for rent. Lots of rental houses, but may be hard with dogs. There are some nice apartments at 360 and Fuller Wiser and 360 and Harwood rd, and all accept dogs. You can walk to the parks from them. For the future, HEB school district is wonderful here! Oh,yeah, Bear Creek Park has a dog park now also.

  8. supertop says:

    Irving is a good place to live.

  9. Carly K says:

    I would look in the Las Colinas area of Irving. It’s only about 10 or 15 minutes from Dallas and very nice. The pet deposits at apartments out here will be expensive though. The DFW area has a lot of nice cities though also look online in Grapevine, Flower Mound, Plano, North Dallas (area of Dallas, not a city.)

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