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I am moving to Los Angeles and need some direction on a good area?

by tom44 on September 2, 2013

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Question by rasseattle: I am moving to Los Angeles and need some direction on a good area?
I currently live in Newport Beach and I got a job transfer to Los Angeles. Century City is where I will actually be working. My girlfriend is taking a full load at cal state fullerton and I wanted to see if anyone has any ideas where i could move that is nice and a fun place to live. I want her to be ablr to have easy freeway access but I dont want to be to far from century city. Any Ideas anyone?

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Answer by old man on the hill
santa monica, west los angeles, beverly hills, culver city, or west hollywood

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3 thoughts on “I am moving to Los Angeles and need some direction on a good area?

  1. comfort eagle says:

    Freeway access from Santa Monica is excellent. Culver City and Westchester are also decent options.

  2. Peedlepup says:

    If you already live in Orange County why move. Consider living somewhere more inland in the O.C. like Buena Park or La Mirada. The lower cost of housing would partially reimburse you for your commuting costs and your girl friend would have a very short commute to school. Either way one of you will be commuting. Orange County has a 1/2 cent lower sales tax rate which dosen’t sound like much, but over the course of a year it can be a considerable amount.

  3. babez says:

    If you’d just move to Fullerton you’d have an easy commute by train to Century City/Los Angeles. You could move to Hollywood that’s not too far and fun. Try checking the craigslist for housing in Los Angeles, and you can put the rate you’d like to pay and then google map locations to see if they are near freeways.

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