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I am (desi) moving from chicago to dallas?

by tom44 on May 26, 2013

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by dbking

Question by ZZZZZ S: I am (desi) moving from chicago to dallas?
I grew up in chicago, now that I have kids its very tough for me to tackle with cold winters here in Chicago. I want some suggestions about Dallas’ job market. I am in IT. which suburbs is good for average living. hows is the cost of living comparing to chicago. hows is the hyderabadi (indian-desi) community there? or is it better to live in chicago because of jobs in future some serious answers please.

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Answer by DaDysGrL
I moved my family to Wisconsin from Chicago. I don’t know about the jobs in Dallas but just getting your family away from there will be worth it. We just packed and left without knowing anything about jobs and within a week we rented a house and my husband got a job at a farm. It will work out for you.

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3 thoughts on “I am (desi) moving from chicago to dallas?

  1. Bob G says:

    Hello and welcome. I live in the Dallas area and worked in IT myself until I started a small computer business.

    There is a lot of IT work here and the schools are great, if you exclude the Dallas School District itself. To the best of my knowledge the cost of living here is a bit cheaper than Chicago.

    We live in Arlington, which is about half way between Dallas and Fort Worth, makes for an easy commute either direction. My kids all went to school here after we left California. The schools are far better here.

    Email me if you’d like more information.

    There’s also a great Indian market and resturant right down the street.

  2. Ricki says:

    I’m a desi and grew up in dallas but now live in Charlotte. I moved because of my family. If I had the choice I would go back in a heart beat. There are tons of IT companies that are looking to hire/recruit ppl with IT experience. I would advise you to live in Plano, Garland or Richardson area, its high to middle class. Many sophisticated desis’ live in that area. My family used to live in Irving but its poor to middle class and I didnt like the desi’s there they had a cheap mentality. Overall, Allen tx is the nicest part of dallas. Jamie Foxx and Jessica Simpson are from there (I hope that doesnt turn you off). I would suggest you take a trip there first before you move because summers can be brutality hot.

    Dallas companies are great, but there is alot of competition in the market. Make sure you are well prepared for the interview because there are many people applying for the same jobs. I work in IT too, but dallas was pretty tough. Dallas companies like diversity so being a desi works in your favor. There are tons of companies that need iT help: Texas Instruments, Experian Credit Bureau Headquarters, Frito Lay (southern divison), Microsoft, Wachovia, Lockheed Martin, Chase, Cap Gemini, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Baylor, corporate, Infosys, Mary Kay Corporation, Neiman Marcus Corporation, Open Connect Systems, Honey Well, Exxon Mobil Headquarters, Citibank and so on. Those are just all I can think of right now.

    For elementary and secondary schools, any district is fine (as long as its not Dallas district). Schools are well funded and they provide laptops for their kids for the year. Colleyville, Flowermound, Richardson, Plano are the few have really good learning programs from the start. I have cousins that are doing extraordinary in those districts. Some arlington schools are middle class but they are not that bad. Irving is poor to middle class and I grew up in Irving District and I dont recommend it.

    make sure your kids graduate from a DALLAS public high school because if they attend Dallas County Community Colleges, then government will give them a scholorship called the RIsing Star scholarship with gives them $ 4000 for 3 years and then they get more funds at University of Texas Arlington (UTA) for their junior and senior year. I use to recruit for this scholarship in junior college, and my little brother is on this schorship currently.

    For Colleges, there are SMU, UTD, UTA, Baylor Medical, TWU (Texas Women’s University), and UNT. I plan to move back and attend TWU because they have an Executive MBA program and GMAT is not required, also they are an accredited university.

    Best places to visit is the JFK museum, The Science Place, Omni Theater (3D movies), and Forth Worth World Zoo.

    Desi things to do in Dallas are: hindi movies at Funasia, carom team, cricket team, get involved with the radio show, mela events, big masjid in Richardson, hindu temple in Irving, Bhai’ Church in FlowerMound Area (I really dont know what’s your faith). Oh, best hyderbadi restaurant is Haveli in Irving.

    Best places to hang out is addison downtown, improv comedy, mockingbird station, allen outlet shopping, Grapevine Mills Mall, Candle room (its a club), hotel zaza for parties.

    If you decide to live in Dallas county, and if you have elders that live with you, then they can qualify for Parkland Hospital Insurance which is wonderful. Its a government plan to take care of their elders and its additional to Medicare.

    I LOVE DALLAS and I would love to move back one day. I work in the IT industry too in Charlotte (project managment) but there is not a big desi community here. I have been to Toronto, NYU, Chicago, Raleigh, Charlotte, but I still think Dallas has the best clean environment to raise a desi family.

  3. David S says:

    Try Lewisville up I 35E 20 miles northwest of Dallas I live here and it is very safe up here and just as nice as the more expensive suburbs. Small town atmosphere close to everything in the metroplex, DFW airport, Grapevine Mills mall next to the airport and several other big malls in the area like The Galleria Dallas, Stonebrier Mall in Frisco, VIsta Ridge Mall right here in Lewisville. Other attractions would be Six Flags, Texas Motor speedway and all the sports arenas are within 30 minutes of Lewisville. Lewisville is convenient to both Dallas (30 Min) and Ft Worth (40 min) and has affordable housing averaging $ 160,000 and apartment rent averages about $ 750 a month. You are still close to Plano (20 min) and the other big suburbs of North Dallas that have a lot of IT jobs as well. Cost of living here is way cheaper than Chicago and there is still a lot more potential for jobs here in the DFW area. Each suburb (including Lewisville )around Dallas especially north of Dallas has practically everything that Dallas itself has when it comes to shopping, eating etc.. I do also have to mention also that the northern suburbs of Ft Worth basically around the speedway and Alliance Airport, Keller, Saginaw, Roanoke area close to 35W is building up but still affordable but there is still a lot country left out there. And Hwy 121 between Lewisville and McKinney especially Allen, Frisco and the west side of McKinney (Dallas/Plano suburbs) is exploding even faster while these cities tend to be a lot more expensive. And both these areas are seeing a big increase of Traffic. Hopefully this is helpful for you

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