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How would the US’s relationship with China be different without Taiwan?

by tom44 on August 24, 2013

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Question by johnmathers12: How would the US’s relationship with China be different without Taiwan?
I’m trying to come up with a thesis statement for a term paper. I have lots of research materials but haven’t quite done all the reading yet. Mostly, I want some ideas on what I should be looking for or focusing on.
So how would the USA’s relationship with China differ if we abandoned Taiwan? How would Taiwan’s relationship with the USA change? What should be done to resolve the Taiwan issue? Is there some connection that can be made between Taiwan and Tibet? Any other ideas, please feel free to post them here. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by matt_of_asia
Less influence over the factory owners/ trainers in China. To an extent.

Probably less partnerships without the Taiwanese go-betweens. But thats already happening. Nobody wants or needs a middleman these days. Its already an inevitable effect for Taiwan.

The monied elite would leave, mostly. The engineers, designers and doctors and nurses would leave, mostly. The country would be gutted, and all the infrastructure may likely be trashed by the owners on their way out if they cared enough—

BUT More likely many would come to an arrangement to sell their technical knowledge to the incoming liutenants, and be able to pay for their new house in Miami.

China would recieve a large number of new mouths to feed who would NOT be grateful for it in general. Also a large amount of debts to pay for the overspent medical care system, (which would cease functioning upon occupation beginning except at a hong-bao//direct payment system)

The average age of the population would change to a large number of geriatrics in their late 50’s.
English teaching probably would become less well paying.

English signage would remain unnecessarily amusing and misleading. Possibly new bulls*it street names would be adopted. If they were logical they would stick to numbers, but china usually isnt that logical.

Of course this would bring another immigration boom/ housing price hikes/ increased amount of potentially homeless refugees to Vancouver, Los Angeles, England, Australia. A good way to raise your house prices is to blast the hell out of the rest of the world so they want to come to your country and ensure there is no houses available for your new slaves. More competition for the ‘good jobs’ (possibly a good thing??)

Of course the love relationship for USA in Taiwan would end after abandonment. Expect reprisals against symbols and western people in general inside the territory, to show their ‘loyalty’ to the new bosses. Probably most political credibility in SE Asia would be lost for America.

Japan would probably start being a pro-nuke country pretty quickly. Increased tension on their side. Possible increases in piracy and raids from freebooters from the former navy taking what they require around the area from anyone unfortunate to be by the coast without a Chinese patrol boat nearby. People will laugh and point when American navy boats come near and continue to rape and loot as they wish.

The biggest potential aircraft carrier in the center of Southeast Asia/ Pacific stronghold would be lost to another countries influence. The ability to protect American industrial interests in the Taiwan Strait, would likely be reduced unless an arrangement (easily done likely) was made with PRC regarding container ships and pirates.

Probably Taiwan would fall relatively quickly, but the possibilities for urban block to block combat and random ‘terror’ bombings by the small number of extremists and possible remnants would begin upon occupation. (Notice the amnesty given to a pipe bomber who had planted various devices around Taipei early on this year. Ie, the DPP thinks its ok to plant bombs, as long as its for ‘political’ events.)

An asian lebanon, perhaps. Most normal people would not particularily care initially about being occupied. Many people would even be happy to see their ex-leaders go, truthfully. but those usually are not the nice people. Those people are the sick ones who benefit from anarchy.
Probably after 2 months the average person might notice things getting different…

Imported food shortages may begin, without american food aid filling the stores. Probably normal people will be back to white sticky rice and veggies. McDonalds and Coke and Dell would not be very happy senator supporters.

Back in Taiwan, medical service shortages will result in less prescription medicine availability and most doctors will abandon their jobs to go to the west, resulting in extreme service shortages for normal people. Likely many hospitals storerooms will be raided by the mafia and the only way to get needed drugs will be through your guanxi.(relationships with the in-guys.) Probably the temples and large ‘community associations’ would take over day to day business.

The DPP leaders would be either immediately shot or put into camps in Eastern China to die unless they escape to other countries. The national treasury will be taken with them or transferred into Swiss money. The KMT leaders may form a weak provisional government and live in luxery in their towers for a bit… but within 2 years would be executed and replaced with a more trustworthy intelligent band of rats from the mainland.

Thats about it for parallels to Tibet. And we wonder why no intelligent people with good qualities stand for leadership here!

Suicide rates way up for the first 2 years.
Gun and Weapon industry stocks possibly up.
Drive by scooter crimes =up. Defacement of former political property=up! Belief in humanity and goodness, way down. Christian churches would be burned and most preists would be a fine first course meal for locals who decide to return to traditional forms of treating foreign visitors. Yum! Tasty fat white lying rat-meat! Giving false hope to dumb Asians!

–Love for the Japanese culture in Taiwan probably way up.

In the USA most people would continue playing with their Wii and ignoring that they are fat, cause thats OK! We all want to be plus sized models. Who needs democracy when you have the bush dynasty and the clinton dynasty. Hail! Taiwan would be a page 7 story, trade issues would dominate the news, along with Britney Spears ass-size and legalizing your currently illegal drugs to keep you in line better.

China would be happy that USA is now filled with weak fat suckers who chicken out when facing an inferior force of rice eating slanty eyed doofuses who are skilled at reproducing brainlessly after eating weird-ass organs from endangered animals! Expect your shoe prices to rise up as the workers take control of their destiny and start extracting what they want from you, that extra 25 cents a week. (your shoes will go up in price by 25 dollars to do this.)

The marines in Okinawa who bothered reading other things than Maxim, would be disgusted with their political leadership even more than they already are, at wasting the entire purpose the fleet has in staying out there for 60 odd years after WW2 and the only chance to start payback for Vietnam to the real gook leaders.

The Maxim readers might get some more taiwanese girls in it, as well as the brothels in Japan/Thailand/Russia/Hollywood getting some new Taiwanese ladies. Probably the females unfortunate enough to be left on the island would be seized and brought into Western china to be 3 brothers shared wife on some godforsaken farm in Shenyang.

Slavery =up
chances for American companies to get lucrative re-building contracts for Taiwanese property=down.
the rest of the world taking America seriously= way down.

Matt talking through his ass- way up! There you go, buddy, heres your thesis for free! I hope you are well offended. I tried to be as equal and truthful as possible.

A good way to resolve the Taiwan issue would be to give Taiwan the nuke the same day of independence declaration, like they gave India the nuke. It appears to have worked for Kim Il Jong. Maybe being nice isn’t such a good strategy these days for politicians. look at Syria- its a fine member of the UN as well! And Zimbabwe! Why bother listening to the lie that the UN matters anymore? does it really matter? Proliferation? ? ? Didn’t that already happen? Why should your less-scrupulous enemies be the only ones benefitting from YOUR damned invention?

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