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How would life be for a 17 year old in San Francisco?

by tom44 on November 23, 2012

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Question by sandra r: How would life be for a 17 year old in San Francisco?
Tell me what you know about San Francisco.

Is it possible, to go to the city college of san francisco, have a job, and have an apartment with just you (no roomates)?

Best answer:

Answer by ajtheactress
SF is very expensive to live for anybody. At 17 and in school there is no way you could afford even a studio working part time, or full time at a non professional job. Studios start at $ 1000 per month and many people even in their 30’s need roommates to be able to live in The City.

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5 thoughts on “How would life be for a 17 year old in San Francisco?

  1. dawnb says:

    SF is VERY expensive. Going to college and having probably a minimum wage job won’t get you anything in the City. Plus I don’t know of many places in the States that will rent to a 17 year old. In SF super tiny apartments are going for over $ 1000 a month utilities not included. If you had an adult age roommate, your best bet would be outside of the City somewhere on the BART line. Just to give you an idea of the costs in the City, an approximate 600 sq. ft. condo in the Mission District (very popular area) sells for over $ 500,000. 600 sq ft. barely gives you room to turn around.

  2. GB says:

    Same as life for a 17 year old in any other big city.

  3. KoshaGirl says:

    SF is extremely expensive, as other users have previously mentioned. u cant find a decent apartment for less the 1100 dollars a month in rent.
    also think about transportation. if ur gonna have a car, gas is very pricey. however, u can use the MUNI system which runs around the entire city for $ 45 a month.
    but at the same time, u can do anything u set ur mind too. just work hard, know ur goals, and enjoy ur youth.

  4. yam c says:

    it would be hard. its very expensive to live in and is like any usual big city so for a seventeen year old it can get hard. i don’t know the exact prices for housing there but if you find you cant live there you can always live in a near suburb city like Oakland or even San Jose.
    hope i helped!

  5. Anne says:

    I won’t repeat the answers already given, but I will say this, I wanted to live in San Francisco (am currently writing from my hostel in S.F.), but after this trip, I’ve decided not to. Its simply too expensive and too damn crowded for me. Its a gorgeous city of course, but just a city non the less. Have you taken a trip here? It sounds so “romantic” the name…San Francisco….but its really just a city where people live and work. You’d be better off going to school somewhere else, and getting a high paying job before moving here. Just my opinion of course, but I would really think about it and take a trip here first.

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