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How would i go about becoming an airforce or army medic?

by tom44 on November 14, 2012

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Question by Ryan: How would i go about becoming an airforce or army medic?
I was thinking of going to medical school and doing ROTC to get my medical degree and then moving into the army or airforce medical field. Is there a better way to get to a field medic. I want to go to college but i also want to be on the army or airforce, preferably airforce (maybe para-rescue!). Any tips to getting to what i want? Thanks im currently in highschool and haven’t decided colleges yet. Best colleges for medical field involving army or airforce? Thanks again!

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Answer by Tom B
If you do the college thing and get a med degree, you won’t be a medic in any branch. Medic’s and Corpsmen are enlisted positions.

To become a Medic or HM step one is to go see a recruiter.

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One thought on “How would i go about becoming an airforce or army medic?

  1. JS says:

    I had the same predicament, I went US Army 18D, and my brother just graduated from “superman school” aka Pararescue. I went into the Army with a bachelors degree, served my time and now am in my last year of residency at a University in Boston. Having a sound foundation such as Special Forces Medical Sergeant or PJ will give you a huge advantage if you go into something like trauma care, which is what I decided to go into. In a civilian setting I have not treated the multitude of injuries I saw deployed, so I am basically ready for anything that comes onto the table. I would reccomend speaking with a recruiter specifically about service and opportunities to go to college after your service. Highly reccomend Airforce PJ or Army Special Forces Medic, these two jobs give you lots of possibilities in te civilian world. Good Luck, god speed.

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