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How would I become a firefighter in a different state?

by tom44 on January 30, 2014

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Question by CC22: How would I become a firefighter in a different state?
I am looking to get out of my home state and start a career somewhere I really want to be. I’m from Arizona, born and raised. I’m looking at moving to Southern California.. I understand I will need a California drivers licence. I’m not sure what else ill need to go through to obtain training, classes, a job.. etc.. I’m 19 years old.. female.. and played college basketball in Tucson. Is it even possible to become a firefighter in my situation?

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Answer by kcal
I honestly don’t have an answer…but I have a bit of a firefighter fetish. I’m from San Diego, and obviously you are aware of how badly Southern California needs more firefighters. I worked for the SD lifeguards who are affiliated with the Fire Dept. Here is a link for you:
Minimum Qualifications of Fire Recruit

* Possession of a current valid Emergency Medical Technician Certificate issued by the State of California or by a EMT certifying agency approved by the State of California; County of San Diego EMT System ID Card; Certificate for Basic Life Support for the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Provider.

* A valid California Class C Driver’s License

Good luck! Go for it! It is not, by any means, impossible.

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