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How will universal health care you?

by tom44 on January 19, 2014

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denver medical jobs
by dbking

Question by Zach: How will universal health care you?
I have to write a 10 minute speach so be honest and write alot cause im really stuck.
I really dont’t know where to start in this whole thing so Help me
Thanks Zach
Hi, I have to do a speech for the Lions Club due Feb. 22 I need help structuring my esaay which has to be 10 minutes long. The topic is Universal Healthcare How will it effect us?
I’ve been looking at Canada’s and Britians Healthcares? please help me Zach

Best answer:

Answer by Quixotic
Try looking into Canada’s healthcare system.

EDIT: the “premier” of Canada? Which one?

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6 thoughts on “How will universal health care you?

  1. ez80227 says:

    question your not well worded or.
    also, please note that the premier of canada is coming to the US for heart surgery. it must be wonderful there to want to leave it and come here…

  2. Ziggy says:

    Check the internet;


    Health Care in Canada

  3. TheOne says:

    It won’t be much different for me. I have a job and my work pays most of the premiums. I pay 600 a month for my family coverage.

    However, if I lose my job (which will probably happen soon because the company I work for has lost funding for a contract) I will be without insurance (unless I can afford the COBRA).

    Once COBRA gives out, I guess I will be covered under the universal health care plan.

    And, I have to assume that is better than nothing.

    A few times in my life, when I was unemployed and therefore uninsured, I had no way of buying the medicine I needed and I could not get other medical care I needed. That SHOULD not happen in the USA.

    It is bad enough that poor students have to pay for their college or find methods of funding it (and in up in huge debt). This is really sad (I am one of those poor students).

    But, to be in the USA and not be able to get medical care ? That is disgusting.

    I take 21 pills a day now. Yes, 21. I was in kidney failure and on dialysis once and in a coma (I had insurance at the time).

    I don’t know what I will do without an insurance plan. So, I am glad we have a plan that people like myself (when my job ends soon) can get.

    So, anything is better than nothing.

    I am one of those people who suffered with no insurance.

    I know some states are better than others about taking care of the unemployed and less fortunate (my brother is unemployed and lives in Denver). He has a “card” from Denver General Hospital that he can get care from.

    I know other people who have nothing.

    It is a shame.

    So, a universal health plan is SOMETHING, isn’t it ?

    And certainly better than having no way of buying any medicine.

    There are hundreds of thousands of people like me out there with stories even worse than mine.


  4. 006 says:

    You mean how will it affect you? Try looking up a story of someone who couldn’t get health care, and died tragically. Then go into how universal health care could have helped them, what are the benefits and disadvantages of our current system vs universal care, and what the best process to move towards universal care would be (or if you think universal care isn’t the way to go, propose an alternative and state why it’s better).

  5. mike19772005 says:

    here’s a good documentary on it

    btw, Canada is a bad example as they do have some issues, but go ahead read about how less than .5% of Canadians seek treatment south of their border.

  6. Mia says:

    I have no health insurance at all. If I have to see my Doctor, (whom, I’ve had for years, when I had health insurance, then I had a 10 dollar co-pay. Now, I have to pay 100 dollars cash for an office call.)

    If I need a prescription, like now I have bronchitis, I had to go to the Dr., pay cash, have him write prescriptions, and go to the pharmacy and pick them up. That’s was another 100 dollars at least. I don’t have the kind of money to blow on medical payments. In other words, I cannot afford to be sick.

    That means do I pay my house payment this month because I had to go to the Doctor? Or do I not pay for the electric, water, phone and for food? Also, I have a dog and cat. I cannot let them go without food. I live alone, and I can barely make it.

    Health care needs fixed so we all can afford it. Our income does not allow us to have much, and paying very large amounts for health care, takes most of it.

    I know several families who have the same problem. I wish the senators who are against health care would come see me and try living on the income I have a month. Maybe they would understand what people are going through.

    Zach, this is true. I hope it in some way helps your speech. Thanks for listening.

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