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How Volkswagen builds the 2012 VW Passat in Chattanooga, Tennessee

by tom44 on March 7, 2013

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( ) So how does Volkswagen build the 2012 VW Passat? The answer build a billion factory in the rolling hills of Chattanooga, Tennessee first. Check out this video to see how both the VW factory and new 2012 Volkswagen Passat are built.
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24 thoughts on “How Volkswagen builds the 2012 VW Passat in Chattanooga, Tennessee

  1. Alden Cates says:

    15 years ago…? seriously?

  2. Cristian Gherdan says:

    They’ll close? in 2-3 years ,chinese are cheaper.

  3. gaae2000 says:

    I owned a Jetta GL 1992 and I remembered the VW Dealerships? in San Francisco and Bay Area where not reliable at all. Has it changed?.

  4. Sophal Bou says:

    Siem Reap Temple Villa ( facebook Electric Internet tourists drivers and teach tourists to drive cars ( all cars become taxi cars to take all people who work in factories and beautiful girls tourists? ) come to work and visit in Siem Reap City

  5. tuolumne9 says:

    WONDERFULL video! Thanks? guys!

  6. 35057 says:

    Man, I wonder if we could elect for an assembly plant pick up.

    People bitch “I won’t support another country. I won’t buy? foreign cars!” They don’t get that these are assembled in the US = US Jobs.

  7. Triomfator says:

    viele Grüße aus Deutschland :)?

  8. Triomfator says:

    Yes, the US PAssat is not available in? Europe! The Euro Version of the Passat is not the same Car!

  9. Triomfator says:

    So sieht es aus! We? need jobs in Europe and the USA…..but not in CHINA!
    Thx VW!

  10. cccp87tm says:

    I? wanna work here so bad

  11. Koa Bartsch says:

    @romanmicagearguy, sorry disregard my last comment. I didn’t? realize that you already said where they are made?

  12. Koa Bartsch says:

    @romanmicagearguy, Where are the engines for these cars made?? And are they reliable?

  13. AufMitterSpiel says:

    European Volkswagens are shit!!! My 08′ Passat had nice interior materials… Big deal they fell apart all the time. ? Same with my Mk6 TDI I have while here in Landstuhl… Cheesy as shit, and the fuel lines have constant issues! I think the US Passat is the smart choice; easy to fix honest engineering, especially with that 5 cylinder!!

  14. Chowbizful says:

    I just hate the american version …? European version is fucking better

  15. Luisgtm95 says:

    The new american “made” VW Passat’s engines are made in VW’s engine plant in? Silao Mexico, it will soon become the major VW’s engine manufacture facility as they’ll be making the new Golf VII engines

  16. heemoii says:

    i am not sure any 1998 model car is bran dnew… maybe serfited? used but not brand new…

  17. altavaer says:

    im comfused now… i thought wv factory only was in germany( wolfsburg) and no other places around tha? world;S i also thought wv making their own engines to in the same factory….::S is this factory(tenessee) only for usa?

  18. David C. Ramirez says:

    It seems a lot of people commenting are just a tad bit ignorant… I’m not sure if it’s beyond their capacity to think things out or of they’re choosing ignorance because it’s easier. I’m sure brain cells are at a premium when there is SOO much WWE information out there.?

    FYI: VW received 500 million KY tax dollars to build their plant. It looks like they went all over the south with their pants down looking to see what southern state would service them. Great news, buddy… yours won!

  19. 11ESSE11 says:

    That kind of engins that you get for US market (especially petrol) they can build? in in every second mechanic garage in germany

  20. mazinais31 says:

    you really believe that? not in a million years if you ask? me… but tastes can be different, btw i think he was designing audi’s

  21. gaae2000 says:

    sad VW lost their main car designer to KIA. ? Kia looks way better now than VW>

  22. Lex5576 says:

    … the rolling hills of Chattanooga……far out of the reach of hostile, arrogant,? greedy, yankee labor? unions. The South is leaving the North in it’s dust in car production. Mainly because southerners live happier lives making less money, bitch and whine less, make more cars better and faster, despise the concept of collective bargaining, and offer massive incentives through lower taxes. Investors are avoiding the North like the fucking plague, the whole region is nothing but trouble.

  23. zumogo says:

    thats y i get pay 33/hour regular time cause? i suck union dick

  24. xeronicus says:

    Come say that to my face kid, I live in Manchester.

    I guess i must be pretty dumb though, even though i maintain a 4.0 average in my college classes….yep, must be a real dumb ass getting perfect grades in advanced aerospace engineering courses while working a full time job.

    I worked for Toyota too, I used? to weld chassis components for them(and Honda, and VW), as with any Job Respect is earned, do your work and keep your nose clean, you’ll do just fine without union involvement.

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