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How to make my boss admire and like me?

by tom44 on November 25, 2012

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Question by ferasqad: How to make my boss admire and like me?
Hi.I am medical doctor. I will go to one hospital in the US in Miami in Ob/Gyn for trainging for three months and I hope that my boss admire and like me because I like to accept to work in the hospital in the basis of that I have all the requirments to that except his approval to employ me.So during the three months of free training I want a useful tips to help me to persuade him that I am a good candidate . Thanks

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Answer by stay_fan1
Do a good job
Don’t screw up
Be nice to the patients

Why should your boss like or admire you, until you prove yourself?
And then after you prove yourself, you won’t have to worry about it

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One thought on “How to make my boss admire and like me?

  1. BROWNLYN says:

    have a good bed side manner, be professional, nice, and don’t try too hard to get people to like you cause that’s the worse. good luck

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