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How to have someone arrested for crimes?

by tom44 on November 4, 2012

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Question by Upacreek: How to have someone arrested for crimes?
Hired via Internet by 2 Employers (as a CNA, Caregiver).
Dallas, TX.,
Pensacola, FL.
They never paid.
Fair Labor Standards Act, Sec. of Labor, Workforce, Labor Dept., Wage & Hour. Div., DA Prosecutor, Sheriff,
State Attorney General, Law Enforcement, FBI.
EVERYONE informed, over, and over, everywhere.
Willful Violators, felony 3rd degree. $ 10,000.fine, and jail.
There are laws. But, no one does their job.
NEVER prosecuted them at all.

So, the question is: WHERE do you report this, to have them arrested, criminally prosecuted, and, hopefully, get paid?
I have now squandered about $ 1,800.00 reporting this.
The Statute of Limitation for Willful Violator is 3 years.
DEFRAUDING Employees of wages… And, no one cares.
There is a reason why pAgencies hire from Out of State…
To sue them, we have to fly to their Court. It is insane.
It could be done through our local Court, or Labor Depts., / State Attorney General. Laws are illogical, & futile.
WHO would arrest?

Best answer:

Answer by Brian R
Well, I have a quote that answers this perfectly.

“There is no problem that cannot be resolved through the strategic application of murder.”
-Noratul Daemori, Dr. of Murderology.

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4 thoughts on “How to have someone arrested for crimes?

  1. Martin Sheen says:

    Call 911

  2. dodgerblue_2008 says:

    Contact an attorney. Call legal aid if you can not afford one

    I saw you said one was from Pensacola, I am also in the Pensacola area. Escambia county offices would be the other people I would suggest contacting

  3. steve_miller_5 says:

    You are fishing in the wrong pond… you are trying to settle a civil matter with criminal laws. Forget about that. Instead, file your claim in Small Claims Court.

  4. the_great_dr_greenthumb says:

    contact a lawyer and get it worked out if that dont help u can always just chop off 3 of there fingers here its just a 1000 dollar fine for that do that to both of them im sure theyll never do it again

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