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How to Get Medical Jobs : How to Become a Surgeon

by tom44 on August 2, 2012

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Becoming a surgeon requires completion of medical school and a minimum of five years surgical residency before being eligible for the state licensing exam. Find out how to become a surgeon with tips from a medical administrator in this free video on career information. Expert: Mark MacBayne Bio: Mark MacBayne, with a Master of Public Health degree, is a practice manager at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. Filmmaker: Bing Hu
Video Rating: 4 / 5

When becoming a physical therapist, it is important to maintain a high GPA in undergraduate school in order to get into a competitive physical therapy program. Become a physical therapist with tips from a medical administrator in this free video on career information. Expert: Mark MacBayne Bio: Mark MacBayne, with a Master of Public Health degree, is a practice manager at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. Filmmaker: Bing Hu
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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37 thoughts on “How to Get Medical Jobs : How to Become a Surgeon

  1. catherine20080811 says:

    Yea.. UK med schools and tuition in Great Britain pound.. Perfect.. :|?

  2. alextlbass says:

    There is a way to become a surgeon in the US at the age of 29. By going to med school in the UK, you not only are able to go at the age of 18, but? it only lasts 6 years as apposed to the US’s 8 years. AND you can even get residencies in the US after attending med school in the UK.

  3. alextlbass says:

    4 years? college;
    4 years med school;
    5 years residency;
    And now you’re a licensed surgeon.

    HOWEVER… if you want to be earning the big bucks (400K+) then-
    3 extra years of fellowship to a specialty surgeon. For example a cardiothoracic surgeon, in order to be one, you need to assist on surgery with one A LOT.

    A cardiothoracic surgeon is the highest earning job in the USA some of the top surgeons earning up to 600K a year, but it’s VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY hard to become one.

  4. catherine20080811 says:

    Totally? worth it.

  5. peter griffin says:

    is it true that medical schools require you to have extra curricular activities and have volunteered in a hospital on top of? your high marks?

  6. Latino1045 says:

    so how many years will? it be to be an actual surgoen once your done

  7. The3nlightened0ne says:

    If you want a good salary, yet an easier pursuit, take up engineering or work in IT. Both take less than 6 years to achieve, yet? the you’ll experience beautiful courses in mathematics and advanced physics

  8. gustavo37209 says:

    don’t forget that even once you become a surgeon you still have to go? to classes, lectures and demonstrations to learn new techniques and learn how to operate new instruments and machines that are invented every so often.

  9. Shizmixin says:

    Thumbs up? if this prick looks like Tony Stark!

  10. pcortes1987 says:

    yup just got out and i looking into 7 year degree and i must finish threw or if i decided to? drop out i pay for the entire thing…

  11. bhargav patel says:

    do they pay for? everything

  12. pcortes1987 says:

    i got my college paid? by the army so might as well do it. hahaa

  13. EasternMerchant says:

    surgeon is the highest paid of all professions.?

  14. c032970 says:

    while in resedency will you be paid or not until residency is? complete

  15. mrxd17 says:

    1. Pharmacist 2. Anesthesiologist 3. Surgeon 4. Advanced-Practice? Nurse I hope you figure out what you want to be, I still looking into these career choices.

  16. batman123989 says:

    so what if you will be 36 or? 31,you’ll be making 4-500,000 or even more a year.Thats a good deal for 12 years out your life….

  17. MishaChan05 says:

    I’m 17 and I still don’t know what to be… I want to be a doctor 🙁 but I don’t know if Ive got the potential. And I love helping people. I want a good salary too. My parents don’t think? I can do it and told me I should stick to pharmacy… But I don’t know if I’ll like that career.

    I’m soooo flustered! T____T sigh…. Hope I can get a medical internship to see what it’s like.. Maybe… 🙁
    And can anyone give me a list of good medicine careers?

  18. Ichvyenichalster says:

    Well the time commitment is pretty hectic, but once someone has devoted themselves to a field like this, they start to forget that they might have been doing it for themselves in the first place, and it all becomes? about the people you have the opportunity to save. Even if it’s just for a decade of work.

  19. carfan2k2 says:

    i dont know dude — in? my own opinion — its not worth it to spend a third of someone’s life just in school .. even residency is a type of school .. surgery is too long

  20. Ichvyenichalster says:

    Lets see I’m 16 and just starting college studying? electrical engineering and computer/ material science. So I’ll be 29 by the time I’m a general surgeon. and that’s just general, im planning for neurosurgery

  21. Ichvyenichalster says:

    I’ll? be 24

  22. Ichvyenichalster says:

    Yeah if you don’t have good amount of money to start with, or if you didn’t receive federal financial aid, or you? didn’t academically excel and receive scholarships, then yes you would be knee deep in debt… but once you are a surgeon you’re already making tripple digits on starting salary (after residency) which is pretty insane.

  23. enwokoye says:

    I can’t? stop now. I am already two years through medical school. I am on my way to becoming a surgeon. Remember, its not about how it long takes or about how much you will earn. It`s about how are going to change people lives when they need you the most using what medical science has to offer.

  24. TheTofuGod says:

    thank? you

  25. IsntMyNameUnique says:

    If? the video is 1:19 mins long and you mess up in the first few seconds, the video should be redone. There are too many ums and I hear a mouth suck sounds at 0:26 and 0:28

  26. missjolene999 says:

    Hi. I am from singapore . And currently studying nursing course in nanyang poly . I would like to ask if there is any chance to be a therapist in future , if i? get into NUS ? 🙂

  27. Legendery1000 says:

    what do most people get for? their BS degree in college or university?

  28. Legendery1000 says:

    personal trainer’s similar to physical therapist except PTs work in a clinic and get paid more while trainers are working on the field such during the football games or practices. Either way, u? got to be active since u move and do many physical movements that apply to both the patients and urself.

  29. Legendery1000 says:

    @lespaulmasta42? lol

  30. latinosstandup323 says:

    Hey, can a tattoo benhind the ear affect your? chances of becoming a Physical Therapist?

  31. rh086654 says:

    If you like physical therapy try out cyberpt this website is AMAZING!?

  32. Ninety9Soulz says:

    From what I’ve learned I don’t think Physical Therapy salary would start off that much. But it sounds to me it would be good for you! I’m 19 and planning on going into it, if you do too then you can know someone else is out there going? through what you are =)

  33. asianwannabeamerican says:

    that’s a good question for my parents. My dad’s an idiot,? he smokes but he blames me for being unhealthy and then he doesn’t permit sports because he says they are only good for people who are already fit. The thing is, I’ve never been given the opportunity to do things involving sports or fitness so it fed my fascination with it and I try to do what I can. Since I’m able to do these things as a kid or teen, I want to help others with it. Does that make sense?

  34. asianwannabeamerican says:

    I need some advice. Is physical therapy right for me? For starters, I’m not an athlete at all. I’ve never played a sport and I’m in my senior year of high school. I’m very interested in physical fitness and helping and motivating others to pursue? healthy lifestyles. Personal training sounds like a better match for me but I want to make a pretty high salary (at least $60,000 entry level), but most importantly I want to do something that involves physical fitness, and helping others. Please help!

  35. aka4god says:

    DPT program in 3 to 4 years after? your BS.

  36. charcharabc123 says:

    so is? the physical therapy program 4 or 2 years??

  37. zhilwan4242 says:

    you said ? 4-years after your BS…would that DPT or MPT

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