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How to Get Medical Jobs : How to Become a Chemist

by tom44 on April 13, 2013

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Most chemists need either a masters in chemistry or a doctorate degree to be marketable in the chemist job market. Become a chemist with tips from a medical …
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20 thoughts on “How to Get Medical Jobs : How to Become a Chemist

  1. JianWinson says:

    iron? man

  2. G0OS3 says:

    I think you are missing the point. You dont need a M.Sc. to make 18/h with zero benefit. You can easily skip University and still? make good money. Avoid Chemistry!

  3. Frank Wylupek says:

    I am lucky because of Federal Student Aid. The government realized my family couldn’t help me? pay for an education. Congratulations on your master’s! And you’re lucky, too; you have a good-paying job. Looks like chemistry does pay, huh? 😉

  4. G0OS3 says:

    I have a M.Sc. in Chemistry and 2 years experience. My salary is 18/h. you may consider urself lucky then. You didnt invest 6 years and tons of? money to get an advance degree so you might not understand. goodluck, and hope you can maintain that level of optimism.

  5. Frank Wylupek says:

    Chemistry pays. One gains priceless knowledge about matter and state changes; what really goes on in the world and universe. If the people you know can’t find a position in a research group and can’t think of anything worthwhile to? research themselves, then they should go on craigslist to do numerous jobs. I’ve only had laboratory experience and three years of chemistry and I found a $16 per hour job.

  6. NViES says:

    I got a few questions:
    1) Do I have to complete BOTH masters and doctor’s to start? to get PhD?
    2) After doctor’s, do I have to take additional years of studying to get PhD, or do I get PhD after doctor’s?
    3) So, if I was to become a chemist with PhD, how many years of education is that?

  7. G0OS3 says:

    LOL…what a pointless video. Chemistry doesnt pay. I know plenty of PhD’s in chemistry that cant find a job or work for less. 10 years of education to get a PhD just so u can? make 60k/year (and thats if you can find a job).

  8. AtlantaAngel84 says:

    I do see some for people with bachelor’s and higher. I am still in school and I’m looking to work in a lab. I know when I go onto the aafs they have a lot of chem jobs in tx and? va.

  9. TheStoicAgnostic says:

    in? Atlanta?

  10. AtlantaAngel84 says:

    where do you live? are you willing to relocate? i? have many classmates that have found work in the field

  11. StrawPipe says:

    You can find jobs with a Chemistry degree. If you only have a Bachelor degree then you will most likely be the high up chemists bitch, but even so you can find a job. Chemists that have Masters degrees can teach as well, not just PhD. ? But PhD would be the best route so you can do research and become a medicinal chemist. (Which by the way make good money) Hell with a Bachelor degree you can join the chemical marine core and help production in missiles and bombs.. chemistry is king

  12. Lemas Mitchell says:

    There is no reason that chemical? jobs can’t be OUTSOURCED

  13. Lemas Mitchell says:

    Get the fuck out of here with that shit.

    Only an undergraduate who had not finished his degree could say some shit like that.

    You’ve been listening to the lies of the academic faculty (because if they don’t have students to fill their classes, they don’t have jobs).

    But when you go out into the REAL WORLD to find a job, you will find that the starting salaries are more like $30K per annum ($15/ hour) and you must pay much of your own? benefits.

  14. labarrera13 says:

    Who do you think MAKES your medicines?

    Who do you think makes the cosmetics your mother wears every day before she takes off to work?

    There are millions of jobs for chemists. Not only that, even a beginner level chemist earns an? average of 50K a year.

    I should know, I’m about to get my bachelors. So don’t diss chemistry man, without it most modern medicine (and most other applications to modern life) wouldn’t be here.

  15. bumminbabe06 says:

    can’t you work as a pharmacist? though?

  16. Lemas Mitchell says:

    Give me a fucking? break! Was this really information?

    The sad part about it is that there ARE no jobs in Chemistry.

  17. Alvinsader says:

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  18. TheStoicAgnostic says:

    maybe a bit of exaggerated cynical talk on? my behalf
    but none the less I defend my position that it is virtually impossible to find a career in the field of chemistry
    Hopefully it’s the greater depression going on right now
    but it doesn’t seem like that is it

  19. blahmaen says:

    Wait, wat??

  20. TheStoicAgnostic says:

    Let’s be honest now

    To become a chemist… working chemist
    you will need approximately 100 years of experience and 50 PhD degrees
    hence, to become even an entry level chemist you will need to be a highly experienced chemist
    it is a profound paradox indeed
    to be a chemist you must become an actuary and then build your own personal? lab

    if you’re thinking of or are pursuing a chemistry degree

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