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How to Get Hired – Job Interview Tactics | Sales Technology Speaker Frank Furness

by tom44 on January 6, 2014

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No Experience Necessary Frank Furness is an International Sales & Technology Speaker and Social Media Presenter Know how to approach every job interview …
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25 thoughts on “How to Get Hired – Job Interview Tactics | Sales Technology Speaker Frank Furness

  1. pezilla123 says:

    @TronPachioftheDynamo call them and ask if they have reviewed your

  2. doctorw2 says:

    this does not work, job interviewers have their biases and if they dont
    like you for whatever reason your not going to get hired.

  3. BKStarlet08 says:

    @jeanLUVashley Also, apply for more than one job (the more, the better.)
    That way, you won’t have to worry about one particular job you probably
    won’t get, and will increase your chances of finding a company that is
    interested in you. If it’s been a while since you put in an applicaton, and
    you still haven’t heard from any, try calling them. It’s another way of
    showing your interest to the company, and it’s the best way to hear about
    the position you’re applying for, and if it’s still available.

  4. Alex Nevers - White says:

    @whiteflamemusic how about not joining the army in the first place. be ur
    own leader.

  5. tringkamp says:

    If your looking for a job you can go to Free Job Helper .com They have so
    many good tips

  6. Dinesh Panday says:

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    Ive heard quite a few incredible stuff about it and my neighbor made a lot
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  7. WebsiteService4All says:

    @poppieslittlejodie We just started our Digital Resume service. You can
    network yourself over all the social networks and get employers to notice
    you better and call for an interview when you apply.

  8. 1Alino says:

    how can you live with IE with 3 toolbars, serously?

  9. Patrick Taylor says:

    @DEECHDBM That/s where my book, “Get A Great Job Fast” comes in… You can
    find it on my channel. Best wishes. Hope you’ve found a job already, but if

  10. HaseoVoltios18 says:

    @mexmax101 i have been in the position you are, if you want to get that
    interview call you have to be assertive, when you turn in the application,
    make sure you are dressed nice but not as if you are going for an
    interview, just presentable, next when you turn in the application ask for
    the manager and hand it to them directly, this shows that you are
    interested, the next step is CRUCIAL!!! –after a few days, go in and
    follow up on the application, it shows them you are putting in effort

  11. quotationmarks says:


  12. norbertcopper says:

    for those still looking – i found mine on try for yourself,
    maybe it will help !

  13. wierdbutnice says:

    @sideskills Thank you. I will check out the website, it’s tough out there
    in the search for jobs but I know I will get there.

  14. isharevideos says:

    thanks a lot. i found this site about job interview tips as i search on

  15. zouga says:

    @DEECHDBM haha yeah man how do you eve find a job :O 🙂

  16. shortbusheros4 says:

    @DEECHDBM Try craigslist

  17. HowtoGetHired says:

    This person really just talks about common sense. For those struggling to
    actually trying to get an interview, it is actually easy. All you must do
    is try and seperate yourself from the field. This can be done through
    networking or utilising many sources on the internet. Just as a starting
    point anyway. Apparently over 60% of jobs/employees are found through sites
    like LinkedIn

  18. lDGlHax0r says:

    @wickedfan5172 naw, your just assuming he thinks he’s an expert, because
    you probablly like to assume things. Maybe he’s trying to help people who
    need a lot of help with this kind of stuff or someone who is looking for
    their first job like me. Maybe some people didn’t realize some of the stuff
    he said, but yeah, I guess most of it’s common sense.

  19. Mrfosho09 says:

    @TronPachioftheDynamo make sure you print your resume on color paper! (it
    works all the time:) )

  20. Tom Kelly says:

    Ive got some quite innovative idea’s on how to get hired. CHECK OUT MY

  21. CraigLive says:

    got an interview tomorrow, thanks for the help!

  22. eexposure says:

    How To Answer Any Question An Interviewer Could Possibly Throw At You! Get
    your report from PreparingForInterview . org

  23. Ian Hamilton says:


  24. Anth T says:

    even if you have a shinning resume and strong experience in your field…
    it is hard to get hired in this weak economy 🙁

  25. Kayla Lenardson says:

    This helped me a lot! thank you very much!

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