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How to get a job without any experience.?

by tom44 on June 5, 2014

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No Experience Necessary

Question by Alfa: How to get a job without any experience.?
I’m 15 and need to get a job. Ive been going to alot of job fairs and have tried getting a job, but I just can’t seem to get one. I bring a pad and paper, I dress well, I try my best to keep calm and smile and I’m doing as much as I can. However I’ve only had one other job and limited volunteer hours. I think my lack of experience is whats keeping me from getting a job, but I’m not sure. Is it, and if not, what am I doing wrong/ not doing?

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Answer by George M?Casland
In Denver (Colorado, USA), a woman that lost her upper management job started a simple business that led to her earning over $ 75,000 a year, working outside, setting her own hours, and could be done using a bicycle as transportation. It is also something a child or teen alone, or with an unemployed parent.

In this economy, you need to be thinking outside the box when it comes to jobs. Companies are refusing to take applications from the unemployed resulting in many giving up.

In trying to earn money, you have to look beyond working in a store, a burger joint, some other area that does not require experience and/or expertise. One also has to avoid the many online scams that offer one to pay people to work from home, on their computers, by selling them lists of potential customers.

One needs to think about what tasks that need to be done, but people hate doing, and are willing to pay someone else to do.

Instead of just putting out job applications, you need to think about what service you can provide as your own business, setting your own hours. Something that does not require a work permit, that you be a minimum age, and/or having an extensive resource of experience.
For 22 years I’ve volunteered my time helping young folks, especially working with teen and young fathers facing child support issues, helping them find answers to supporting their child(ren).

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4 thoughts on “How to get a job without any experience.?

  1. Job Father says:

    I think you have determination from what you have said so far, one issue employers have at this time is age, I am not saying this is the reason but in this climate employers are looking for candidates with experience and are often unwilling to give a first time job hunter experience, I think you need to look for volunteer work with an organisation relevant to what you want to do as a career, Also when you go to job fairs try to network with the employers be confident and get as much information as you can about what they look for in employees,

    Also look at there hiring cycle so you know when most of their intake is, armed with this information you can set yourself time to build on skills that they need through work experience or self study, most employers love a nice qualification but they mostly hire people with experience to back it up.

    If you need any further help or clarification just post an edit

    Best of luck

  2. As seen on TV says:

    Just apply and be friendly 🙂

  3. nolita fairytale? says:

    Try applying at fast food places, they always seem to hire inexperienced teenagers. And I also think you’re too young to be applying for a job, most places you have to be 16-18 to even be considered. But I still have hope for you, keep trying.

  4. Gwyneth Ariella says:

    Your age seems to be the biggest issue. I don’t know what kind of job you are looking for but I can’t think of many places that hire 15 year olds besides movie theaters, grocery stores, and maybe ice cream or yogurt shops. I would advise you to look into those type of places or keep trying to volunteer until you are 16 and you have more options available.

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