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How to Get a Job in Seattle – Episode 1

by tom44 on June 18, 2012

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No Experience Necessary We’ve moved; subscribe to the new channel here: What’s changed in the marketplace? Why is it more difficult to find a job today? How are employers scoring your resume? What are the hiring manager’s needs you should focus on that are not found on the job description? The answers to these questions and more are all on this first episode.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 We’ve moved; subscribe to the new channel here: What does a career consultant do? What does career search optimization mean? Are you looking online for jobs online with little to no success? Are you wondering why HR isn’t responding to your application? How to network properly? What’s a career mixer? How does top talent behave at a career mixer? How applicant tracking systems work and how they’re profiling you? Why are employers Zillowing your address? Even includes tips on why you should use LinkedIn and how Paul Anderson went homeless mass-mailing applications.
Video Rating: 5 / 5
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4 thoughts on “How to Get a Job in Seattle – Episode 1

  1. OneADayFoody says:

    Is this video for only corporate jobs? Or for any job like at IHOP or Denny’s and so? on? I currently work at Shell Gas in California, and only make $8/hour, and in Washington they have reported to pay $15/hour, I cant transfer jobs since its a different state, but I was wondering if it is still hard to get a job there? I got this job I have now 1 month before I even moved to the town I am in.

  2. wizzyx3k says:

    Thank You? sooooo much for the info.

  3. raordonio says:

    Great information. I didn’t think I would watch the whole 30 minutes,? but I did, twice. And I’m not even looking for a job. Keep up the good work and keep posting these to YouTube.

  4. WebMediaSage says:

    fantastic info Paul, your passion and brutal honesty are a rare find to helping people pierce through the? invisible unemployment wall! Bravo!

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