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How to get a job for the city of san francisco.?

by tom44 on June 17, 2014

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Question by debie bill: How to get a job for the city of san francisco.?
People think getting a job with SF County is difficult. Do you know how is the process.
I want to get a job in the social services department. I would appreciate if someone has experience or can give me some tips.

Best answer:

Answer by Lynda
Drop in at 44 Gough St. weekdays (between Market St. & Otis and opens at 8:00 AM) and look on the board, put-in a card. Look through their book re. job classes in which you are interested. Bring some postage stamps for your post card which they will later send notifying you of upcoming examinations.

Study any help-books you can find at the library or book store for the particular civil service position or positions.

On the day they pass out applications, go early (office opens at 8 am) because there will most likely be a line. Read the application closely. Complete it carefully, and follow all instructions (exactly) That’s important. It’s the first test to see if you can follow directions.

Study, be rested and hope you score high. Then dress neatly and go for your interview.

Good luck.

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