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How to fined Washinghton dc jobs?

by tom44 on June 5, 2012

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Question by : How to fined Washinghton dc jobs?
I live in California but I plan to move to Washington DC soon how do I find a job soon as I get out there?

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Answer by The Blunt Ugly Truth
Learning to spell would be a wise first move.

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3 thoughts on “How to fined Washinghton dc jobs?

  1. Eddy says:

    Well you can get fined in D.C. for a lot of things. You can park your car in a no parking zone, you can litter on national monuments, you can yell at the president from outside the White House…

    …If you want a job you should learn to spell first.

  2. GulfportBob says:

    Agree with other people about learning to Spell: find instead of fined….Washington instead of Washinghton…. DC instead of dc.
    You look for jobs the same way in Washington, DC as you would in California.
    Do not know your education or age etc.
    Headhunter might work
    Newspaper ads might work
    Transfer from one location to the other using the same company might work.
    Unemployment office might work. Look for the city and the suburbs.
    Suggest you find employment before you arrive, unless you have sufficient money to move into housing and then find out that it is far from you place of employment.
    Also when you get to Washington, DC you can also look for employment in Northern Virginia and the suburbs of Maryland that are close to Washington, DC.

    Please pick a “Best Answer”, even if it is not mine.
    That way we can tell if we really do help people.

  3. Melissa says:

    What do you want? “fined” or “find” jobs? Fined jobs is implying that you get a fine or fee for a job, which doesn’t happen. Find a job implies looking for one and getting a job. In order to do that you look for them. You go online to a site that shows jobs, such as, and apply for them. It’s really that easy.

    But I would highly suggest you work on your spelling. -_-

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