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how to find jobs in san diego?

by tom44 on June 18, 2012

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Question by AzGirl22: how to find jobs in san diego?
Im moving to San Diego in a couple days, any advice and tips on how to find a good job? I’ve worked in retail, im looking for more of an office job.

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Answer by eskie lover
Health care is still hiring, but our state is in big time deficit so we are experiencing a ripple effect as the state can no longer pay its bills. Construction, financial institutions and banking, real estate, electronics manufacturers are all laying off. Take a look at the archives on both the Tribune and North County Times because they publish lists of industries that are hiring to give you a direction for your job search. It might beehove you to work with a headhunter or temp agency as well because they can package you to be more attractive in the sea of resumes that are floating out there. Good luck and welcome to America’s Finest City.

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