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How to Build Your Career in IT

by tom44 on August 14, 2012

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No Experience Necessary The best technology jobs are never jobs that get posted publicly. You might hear about them through a friend or someone you meet at a networking event, but you aren’t likely to find them posted on a job board. So how do you build a career in IT when the best stuff is hiding in plain sight? You need to have a passion for technology. There are many paths to a career in IT, including formal education and personal training programs, but no matter how skilled you are, the best jobs are found through relationships. But should you specialize or go for that more well-rounded approach? Can you learn once and expect to carry yourself through to retirement? How does your personal brand impact your ability to have a career in IT? Can what you say on YouTube today impact your ability to get a job in IT tomorrow? Bobby Knight, SVP at Modis, provides perspective on how to build a great career in IT.
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Tim Cook learned a lot from Steve Jobs, and one of the big takeaways seems to be: Don’t tip your hand. The Apple CEO was unwilling to tackle questions about any future product plans during his first appearance on the D10 stage Wednesday night. Watch Tim Cook discuss Facebook relationship HERE: Tim Cook gives Apple TV hints HERE: Subscribe to WSJ Live HERE: WSJ Live brings you original programming from The Wall Street Journal. Get news directly from The Wall Street Journal’s 2000 reporters across the globe. With exclusive video and daily live programming, you can stay on top of the latest in news, elections, markets, tech, opinion and lifestlye.
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46 thoughts on “How to Build Your Career in IT

  1. norbertcopper says:

    found great toolbar for searching career in 2012, go to !
    be ahead competition!

  2. rayoxzor says:

    Good advice :)?

  3. ceaser williams says:

    what about a ccent certification and ccna? cert

  4. troller4jesus says:

    Yeah those are good. I’m not good with the web stuff. Mostly involved in the IT Technical Support field. So AutoIt, PowerShell, those types of scripting languages for manipulating computers and automating tasks. All learn free pretty much.
    You can also go onto Experts-Exchange and other niche forums where people will essentially write you a script to do what you want. Then you can? modify for your environment/needs accordingly.

  5. xXZarlachXx says:

    Thanks for the advice 🙂

    Most of? what I have learned are stuff that I have picked up on my way. Such as Chris’s videos, other tutorials, news, w3schools for html/php/css and so on.

  6. mandolaman12 says:

    “If you’ve? got a good reputation, you have a good relationship with somebody – they’re gonna tap you.”

  7. Neojhun says:

    LOL IT employment rate so low. True but us techies realy got hurt during GFC and many of us were the first to be cut in non Tech industries. Good riddens to those industries. But now many non? tech industries like health, media and legal are now realy embracing technology. This is where the demand is coming from.

  8. Neojhun says:

    LOL, when i was in school it was even? worse. I was always a geek, so i yerned for more. For school kids look for workshops and short cources outside of school. Usualy these are done by community coleges and now big companies.

  9. CcCascade says:

    That’s a great video, full of informations.
    Thanks for it ?

  10. IAMNTHOMAS says:

    Bobby Knight?! Didn’t he coach basketball? Didn’t he? throw a chair?

  11. troller4jesus says:

    Classes are ok but you can get yourself some Videos and e-books of torrent to? learn all you want.
    Check out Quizlet and braindumps for certification studying material.

  12. uDaeth says:

    YouTube is social? media, technically.

  13. history797 says:


  14. Cybereview says:

    I agree with him, the fun in an IT career? is you never stop learning so if you don’t enjoy IT you defenity shouldn’t make a career out of it. Great interview.

  15. dissforlife says:

    you aren’t? funny, shut the fuck up already

  16. xXZarlachXx says:

    I? didn’t.

  17. Ulrich229 says:

    you? are very right.

  18. johnjoeba says:

    i thinks that’s wherer i went wrong?

  19. xamma11 says:

    First of all, dont? take an arrow in the knee.

  20. darksideofthemoon7 says:

    You’re lucky he didn’t throw that chair at you.?

  21. nightpwner says:

    I still disagree with employers using social media to analyze prospective employees. If you want to know what someone is like, set up an interview like normal people use to do. Someones work ethics can be completely different from their private life.? That’s why I don’t have any social media accounts. Work and social life should be separate.

  22. skewb40 says:

    I hate my life? 🙂

  23. HeavyMetalist001 says:

    Very helpful? video, thanks for sharing Chris!

  24. davko79 says:

    V useful interesting video.? Thank Chris.

  25. JimmiJohnJunnior says:

    no turtle neck? ? no ceo worthy!!!!!!!!!!

  26. jengblog says:

    site of make money? fast and easy 1000$

  27. PrawDuhJee says:

    that woman? is such an idiot, watch her interview with steve jobs, she asks the most retarded questions

  28. bradleyduncan06 says:

    The juices? are flowing.

  29. vincent1de1bouvre says:

    gij ze stomme ezel, een beetje respect is op zijn plaats ze? eikel…

  30. DoMaMaSe says:


  31. DoMaMaSe says:

    I? told you, if you don’t agree ME VALE MADRE!!! PICATE LA COLA!!! but is my opinion, is not the true, the iPhone is the best smartphone, again, you have to pay close attention; IS MY OPINION IS NOT THE TRUE!!! Even you said crap, I think Steve wasn’t looking money, he enjoyed his creations, THE MONEY CAME AFTER HE CREATED? iPod iPhone iPad and he made very smart marketing, smart technology, after that, some of the big company like Samsung start? to be jealous, it is so pathetic, really tacky.

  32. DoMaMaSe says:

    What would have happened if Steve had not started with this? We would have very tacky cellphones, very lack communication, you got it my friend. SI NO YA TE? DIJE RASCATE LA COLA Y COMETE TU CACA!!!!?

  33. starkness65 says:

    WTF is with this old fart? Everywhere he go he talk about how great the Apple products is. Always the same line…Apple so great, ipod, ipad, iphone the best, blah, blah,? blah.

  34. 0ddzZz says:

    moldyasian!!? ROFL

  35. AlexBaldwinFTW says:

    Cook knows what he’s doing, I trust? him.

  36. payaza20001 says:

    You truly are a moron. Apple is today everything that Steve Jobs fought against in the 80’s and 90’s (Closed, Conformist).? You really are an idiot you paint Apple as if its the underdog in the smartphone competition. When in reality its one of the worlds richest corporations. Also if Apple is so great than why does Apple constantly file lawsuits (Samsung, HTC) over software patents (which tech community believe need reform) is it that there products are no longer innovative, and cant compete?

  37. DoMaMaSe says:

    The best smartphone is the iPhone, is my opinion.
    Apple is not seeking to be the best, Apple always share their creations to us. Their philosophy is to share their technology, money was not the most important, Steve always enjoyed to create original technology, he wasn’t looking for money. Now the big companies like Samsung are looking for money and to be the best,? it is so pathetic, their Samsung Galaxy has very primitive touch. If you don’t agree, me vale madre!!!

  38. hromi says:

    I dont think there will be? somebody who would be similar to Steve and certainly it wont be Mr. Cook… but its ten times better to see him then Amelio 😉

  39. geralexas says:

    The large domain of Android over other operating systems, according to Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst at IDC, is that there are many iconic models with Android, as well as manufacturers have addressed a range of equipment for different capacities monetary and Google has been able to provide good? user experience with its allies.

    The big winner was Microsoft with Windows Phone 7 as sales increased 115.3% to 5.4 million units. However, this only benefits the software at the moment

  40. geralexas says:

    In total 154 million smartphones sold, 104.8 million for Android with your slice occupies 68.1% of the pie and an increase of 106.5% compared to sales of the same period last year. Apple, who is the competitor “Closed” with IOS, managed to sell 26 million smartphones, up from 27.5% last year and a total of 16.9% market share. This shows that Apple only has one card that covers part? of the Android market.

  41. addisonswim says:

    They do.?

  42. beniaminsg says:


  43. addisonswim says:

    Mac= 1000$ OS and 1000$ internals.?

  44. addisonswim says:

    Apple is like COD, 1 fuckin major improvement and everyone NEEDS the new OS or phone or what ever bullshit they pull off.

    Android is like BF3, put a lot of time in there work, lots of improvement and is always being put down by apple fags who suck dick’s. Apple rips you off, A IPAD cost 300$ to make you you pay like 500-800$ for a Ipad. Macs are the same way you can build a PC that is like 4x faster than any mac for? 1500$. So a mac is like 1000$ and another 1000$ for the system.

  45. rubenandpimslapping says:

    1983 apple releases tablet apple bashful
    oh? wait….

  46. maenq1981 says:

    Boring? Boring? Boring?? talk!

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