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How to become a Denver firefighter? What steps are needed?

by tom44 on June 7, 2013

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Question by David.Flame: How to become a Denver firefighter? What steps are needed?
I am interested in becoming a firefighter in Denver. what steps will i need to take to get there? thank you.

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Answer by Peoples Champ
i believe all the steps are the same for any fire department but not sure but i am going through the process to become one now first i applied online for the local county then they review your app then contact you regarding entry level testing ( I went out and bought a book on the test for borders was really helpful) then once you pass the test there is a physical then a medical exam then a conditional job offer . Beware the process is very long i started in oct. and i still haven’t completed the process. only half way through.

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One thought on “How to become a Denver firefighter? What steps are needed?

  1. Eric S says:

    You must have a very strong right arm. My advice would be to find the nearest La-Z-Boy recliner and practice pulling the handle back and forth. Don’t forget to train for the in-between positions either as being able to perform those will get you bonus points

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