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How to become a CNA at age 15 in WA?

by tom44 on January 1, 2014

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Question by Taylor: How to become a CNA at age 15 in WA?
So my mother was a CNA at age 15 in CO. so was wondering, when i turn 15, will i able about to be a CNA? How so? I am taking classes in school like “preventive medicine” and “nurses aide”. And i want to become a CNA so i can get a job at a retirement home. If not possible i will just volunteer. But i want to become a CNA.
I cant do the 8 hours a day, 3 days a week kind of thing, as i do have school.
So is there anything on line?
And is a legal in WA?
Please, any information is helpful.
Thank you so much.

Best answer:

Answer by Fred
cna Certified Nursing Assistant And WA State of Washington ?

Any state will have a web site. Look there for Qualification, age limits,

Library will have test preparation books for CNA whatever that is.

Just because your parent did X, Doesn’t mean you should or that you will like it. Volunteering might be a good start. to find out if bedpans are your thing.

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