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How soon should i plan to move to atlanta?

by tom44 on August 21, 2012

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Question by : How soon should i plan to move to atlanta?
I am moving from VA to Atlanta, ga after i get my cna which is in March, I plan to be there by june. So you know how soon should i start looking for jobs & apartments?
and Any ideas on apartments, Im looking for a place that isnt that ghetto & no robberies
it really doesnt matter maybe decatur or college park
& the most im looking at is no more then 600 for reant

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Answer by jtorianna
start looking in march and as far as finding a good place to live, it really depends on how much you plan on paying for rent and what part of georgia you move to. atlanta is pretty darn big. what were you thinking of?

well decatur can be expensive or not.
and college park is one of those areas you would hear is bad…
but there are good areas in college park near the airport.

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One thought on “How soon should i plan to move to atlanta?

  1. mccoyblues says:

    $ 600 for rent in Atlanta won’t get you much. Expect to pay $ 800 to $ 1200 for a nice, newer, clean apartment in a good, safe neighborhood.

    Start looking for work immediately. It’s never too early to get started in your job search. Just let any potential employer know your time schedule.

    Decatur is a nice area. Very diverse culturally and close to downtown Atlanta. I would not even consider College Park. I wouldn’t call it ghetto but is very much an old, working class minority town. You can do better than that. Other than Grady (the one major trauma center in the area) most of the major hospitals are in the Dunwoody/Sandy Springs area. Hwy 400 and I-285 corridor on the northside of town.

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