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How safe is the public transportation in Chicago at night? Moving there for a job and won’t have a car?

by tom44 on April 1, 2013

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Question by Advisor: How safe is the public transportation in Chicago at night? Moving there for a job and won’t have a car?
I’m going to be moving to Chicago for a job and will not have a car with me. My job is going to require me to work late at night at times, and I’m just wondering how safe the public transportation is at night. I’m a single female so it makes me a little nervous, but I will be downtown… Suggestions?

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Answer by Carl_the_Truth
Buy some pepper spray. That city isn’t safe at night. Sorry.

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6 thoughts on “How safe is the public transportation in Chicago at night? Moving there for a job and won’t have a car?

  1. Your #1 fan says:

    All cities can be dangerous at any time of the day. I agree with the man above, carry some pepper spray. Be aware of your surroundings at all times of the day. Also, what time will you be traveling? If it is after midnight, that is when it can be less desirable to travel by public transportation.

  2. satan.lovesus says:

    I used to ride the subways late at night four times a week every week for years and would be carrying college books and other supplies and would always catch up on my sleep on the train and I never once had one single problem. Members of my family have also been on the trains during the night many times and have never had a problem either in all of these years. That is all that i can go by.

  3. nas88car300 00 wins and no rain! says:

    if your downtown you should be all right
    i bet their will be others at work you could travel with and after a while if ride the same train/bus form a group with others and travel in groups

  4. Grace says:

    Generally safe, in my experience. Some neighborhoods are more dangerous than others, and there are spikes in crime around el stops if you look at the stats, but random violent crime is still relatively rare. The main issue with downtown is that parts of it are relatively deserted late at night, because it is a business district rather than residential. People get freaked out about Chicago, but like most cities, if you walk around confidently and make sure you are aware of your environment then you are likely to be ok. Pepper spray is a good idea if it makes you feel confident, but I wouldn’t worry too much. I’ve taken public transport all around the city over the last 7 years, including neighborhoods that are supposed to be dodgy, but I’ve never been attacked or even hassled on public transport, apart from a few beggars, shell game guys and ones selling tube socks (all on the el). I guess the most vulnerable place is waiting at a bus stop, but I’ve never had any problems there, either.

  5. missy79 says:

    Businesses in the downtown area close early, so foot traffic is very low late at night. I think the intent of having no nightlife in the area is to discourage crime (fewer people, fewer opportunities for crime). However, this also means that if you are getting off work late at night in the area and happen to get in a spot of trouble, chances are there will not be any passersby to witness or help. I was born and raised here, and am not comfortable walking around downtown late at night (Michigan Ave is your best, well-lit bet, as taxis drive up and down looking for fares).

    Regarding taking public transportation, if you do decide to move to Chicago and take the late night job, I recommend finding a place as close to a train line stop as possible. Budget cuts have been slowly but surely chipping away at the CTA’s bus lines; routes are being eliminated and hours of service are being cut. For now, the trains run all night, and will be your most reliable form of transportation.

  6. Get Real says:

    There does not seem to be a great deal of crime on buses and trains in Chicago. I think it depends of what you mean by “late at night”, exactly what areas of the downtown and the neighborhoods you need to travel thru, how much of your travel will be on foot and exactly where will that travel be and etc. Relatively speaking there is not that much violent crime in the Loop.

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