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How reputable are the Art institutes schools and is the education worth the price?

by tom44 on April 6, 2013

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by PKDan

Question by sandman: How reputable are the Art institutes schools and is the education worth the price?
thinking about transferring to one for photography(Denver)how are their job prospects when you graduate?

Best answer:

Answer by HeXt
They aren’t.

They’re an elaborate corporate scam set up to funnel government pell grants and loans and leave students with the bill/unmanagable debt with no realistic prospects into the real world.

The “demand” they claim to be meeting is the demand of the students and NOT the flooded job market.

You will leave there with more than 50,000 to 90,000 in debt for 2 and 4 year programs, but more than that really when you factor in books, dorms, laptops, ‘technology fees”, art kits, and other stuff they drive the price up with. They’ll try to herd you toward FASFA and any government funded programs they can to maximize the debt. They’ll try to keep students in the seat for 2 consecutive weeks so they can ‘keep the money’. “Oh just keep going one more day, you can do it!”

They make most of their money off of drop outs who try the school out and realize its false advertising, but by then its too late and they’re stuck in debt.
They aren’t worth it.

They claim to have success for 80% of students… it isn’t true.

They try to use success stories of random students that succeed under their own steam and connections.

You could throw thousands of pennies off of a rooftop, and a few will hit a pigeon or two on the way down.

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