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How much money would I need to save up between now and the end of the year to move to Miami?

by tom44 on March 27, 2013

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Question by Leo: How much money would I need to save up between now and the end of the year to move to Miami?
I am moving from North Carolina. I am going to drive from NC to Miami. Which is A 12 hour drive. I want to move in apartment near the beach.

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Answer by besos
you should save up about 10,000 just in case.

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11 thoughts on “How much money would I need to save up between now and the end of the year to move to Miami?

  1. darcilynn83 says:

    Miami is VERY expensive to live. It really depends where you are going to live tho. Different parts are more expensive than others, especially near the beach. Miami isn’t that pretty unless you are on the beach and it is a high crimed city. I went there for vacation for a week and a half, and I live in Tampa, FL. I was scared to death of all the bums and homeless people around that came out at night to “work” and get money from people. They were everywhere.

    If you are looking for a 1 bedroom I bet you can not rent anything for under $ 1000 a month that is any ways near being decent.
    There are a lot of different factors that you would have to post for further answering. What kind of money can you save up? What kind of job will you be getting?

  2. Gary D says:

    One million or more………….but for that don’t expect a house on the beach.

  3. benny619 says:

    first you need to find the cost of the apt deposit first and last month’s rent if you have alot of things atleast 500 bucks to buy packing supplies and possibly rent a truck plus unless you have a job already lined up you might want some extra cash to hold you over till you get set up.

  4. LoCa L says:


  5. italianbaby says:

    How much money do you go through?

  6. Roger Vadim *SMILE* says:

    all you have to worry about is finding a place, not to much crime, no drive-by shootings, burglaries, get a save place your you car and yourself…

  7. Miami Beach 411 says:

    I would expect to pay at least $ 700 per month on rent. Most landlords in Miami ask for 3 months rent in advance.

    And don’t forget about utilities, food, gas, and misc. expenses you will encounter.

    I would suggest saving at least $ 3,500 before moving.

    The good news is, Miami is a pretty easy place to find a restaurant job, and those jobs pay pretty well here.

    This Forum thread has some good info about moving to Miami –

    Hope this was helpful 🙂

  8. IslandFairy says:

    Miami Beach is quite pricey.
    You can also move near the beach a bit more towards the north. Like Hallandale Beach, Hollywood Beach (in broward county)
    You can try going to to look up apartment pricing. At least $ 1000 for an ok 1/1
    Price of living down here is quite a bit higher than NC
    Crime is not that bad, but I absolutely recommend checking the area you’ll be living in before moving tho
    There’s lots of work down here.
    I would save about $ 5000 to last you about 2 months comfortably

  9. nicole l says:

    a studio on south beach will cost around 1,200 dollars a month landlords ask for first last and security deposit being the cost of one month rent also around 300.$ pet deposit per animal,also some apts on the beach dont have parking so be prepared to pay.i would say at least 10,000. its so expensive in miami.look in the miami herald or new times or a small magazine called the flyer.

  10. Ichigo says:

    The beach? lol you are funny. To get a decent place by the beach is way too expensive. When you become rich like p.diddy or JLO then we’re talking. But theres alot of lofts near lincoln road hence why there is never any parking on the beach. You’ll get an okay one bedroom for a good chunk of change.

    The end of the year is only a few months away and thats not enough time to get alot of money so i suggest look for apartments in different areas like north miami or the design district. Not little haiti, little haiti is right next to design district so it’s easy to confuse the two. There building alot of condo/apartments there so you might be able to find a decent place there. But the best place to find an apartment is down south. The kendall area. I know thats far and US-1 has horrible traffic but its about an hr to 2 hr drive from the south beach area.

    Miami is a very expensive place to live but just pray and keep looking for the best place out there for you, i hope that was helpful in some way.

  11. FLORIDA says:

    Your gonna have to save alote…Nothing is cheap in Florida.If your going to be looking for a 1 bedroom on the beach.Expect to pay about 700+ a month.And if your driving to miami from North Carolina your probably gonna need about 300 dollars for gas alone.

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