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How much money can a Russian translator make/should I learn Russian?

by tom44 on March 16, 2013

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Question by Angel1223: How much money can a Russian translator make/should I learn Russian?
I speak SerboCroatian so learning Russian would be easy. I already understand a lot of it.
I live in Boston,MA. Now I make $ 16 an hour sterilizing surgical instruments.

Best answer:

Answer by bulldoost
problem is there is not that much work available…

i am translating to/from russian/polish/german/english at level 4, including medical and legal, it is true that when job is available you are paid up to $ 400.00 an hour, but problem is that they are not that available…

document translation is about $ 15.00 (private letter) up to $ 170.00 (complicated legal/medical with latin intrusions, depends on your level of security as well) per page, again, not that many available…

then contracts, where you translate on site, per annum is anything from $ 75,000.00 up to $ 230,000.00 depending on your level of security.


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