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how much does it cost to live in las vegas?

by tom44 on January 4, 2014

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Question by maverick: how much does it cost to live in las vegas?
so how much does it cost for you to live in LV? And how are the jobs out there? im a computer wiz and my wife is an artist. we live in OK and we cant find jobs for nothing. im hoping LV live have what we need. i just need to get an idea of how much everything cost, so if you live in LV im asking you to please help. thank you!!!!

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Answer by Bill
About 3,000,00 per month if you stay out of the casinos.

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8 thoughts on “how much does it cost to live in las vegas?

  1. lvgeno says:

    Well the cost of buying a house dropped but the borrowing requirements have really tightened here. Rental prices have climbed. Utilities are one of the highest in the country. Food is very affordable.

    Jobs are nearly non existent unless it is medical. I see guys all over the valley on corners with huge hand painted signs saying they fix computers. That must mean something. Never saw anything for artists. Did you try job searches for Las Vegas? Most people look for jobs before moving. You could find yourself in tent city here quickly these days.

    Better read this article.

  2. banananose_89117 says:

    Do not move to Vegas. Unemployment is over 10% and growing. Casinos are laying off management and other employees, taking away any bonuses, and cutting hours. State, county and cities have frozen hiring. The State has a one day non-paid mandatory furlough for those people who has jobs and cut benefits and increased insurance rates.
    Businesses are closing/bankrupt daily.

    The cost of living is like LA, high. Our power bills were just increased by $ 20 a month on average. Water is high. Food is trucked in and high. Prices in restaurants has increased.

    Apartments are high. Two bedroom is at leat $ 1400 in quality areas. Vegas has the highest foreclosure rate of housing because no one can afford their home with a 3% increase in property tax this past year though values went down.

    Sorry, not the place to move

  3. Teddy Boudro III says:

    tons of money!

  4. Niki says:

    I lived in a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment 950 sq ft in Summerlin, which is a nice part of town.
    Rent: $ 750
    Power: $ 75
    Natural Gas: $ 20
    Water: $ 30
    Trash/Sewer: $ 5
    Cable/Phone/Internet: $ 120
    Food costs are up to you – prices are only slightly higher than the midwest, i.e. milk is about $ 0.30 higher a gallon.
    Sales tax is 8% now.
    No income taxes, so only federal taxes are taken out of your check.
    I am a native, so if you have questions, feel free to email me.

  5. chauffeur_rich says:

    How far will my salary go in another city?

    If you made $ 3000 Oklahoma

    Comparable salary in Las Vegas, NV
    $ 3,634

    If you move from Oklahoma City, OK to Las Vegas

    Groceries will cost: 12% more
    Housing will cost: 62% more
    Utilities will cost: 4% more
    Transportation will cost: 8% more
    Healthcare will cost: 6% more

  6. Dude says:

    About as much as anywhere else. The pay sets it’s self to support responsible people who live and work there. If you own a home, stay out of the Casinos and Lap Dance Bars.

  7. Ray R says:

    i pay rent in preety good place…for 550/month for 1 bed apartment..i commute to work in bus $ 55/month (buspass) groceries are cheapest over here….only LV strip ..(LV BLVD is expensive) outta there every thing is like OK… i used to live in edmond, OK. its not that bad here they say ghetto, crime , untill and unless u stay outta it u r safe. i think so.

  8. I'm Waiting My Turn. says:

    Rent $ 475 for a studio quad where get to share the entire kitchen with 3 other studios connected to it. Plus share bathroom with nearest studio to you. is another story. 2 meals a day! Free utiltilies, no credit check! will list realestate needs for you.

    Food seems like veg/fruit priced higher. Meats priced so-so.

    Gas. $ 2.65 gallon regular unleaded.

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