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how much does a cna get paid in los angeles california?

by tom44 on April 2, 2013

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Question by apple: how much does a cna get paid in los angeles california?
i want to start a program for cna, does anybody know the salary for cna in the state of california

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Answer by Buckets
I’m sorry but it only pays a little above minimum.. My mom has been doing that for years in the sf valley.

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One thought on “how much does a cna get paid in los angeles california?

  1. maliboo_girl says:

    $ 10 an hour would be good to start, but many make minimum wage, $ 8 an hour, because so many people became CNAs when they were laid off during this bad economy. Some CNAs with a lot of experience can be paid more, but it’s very hard to get those jobs. If you are interested in nursing, consider becoming a CNA (at an inexpensive program like at PCC), then an LVN, and then do an LVN bridge to RN program at a community college like Pasadena City College.

    To live a poor lifestyle in LA, one needs to earn about 2X minimum wage, $ 16 an hour, with full time hours. You may be able to pay your basic living expenses, if you live in a cheap apartment (low end is $ 800 for studio, $ 1200 for one bedroom), have no debt, good at shopping sales, clipping coupons, like to do the many free stuff around LA. You may or may not be able to afford a car.

    Good luck!

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