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How much do you think you need to earn a year to live comfortably and buy the basic needs in the U.S?

by tom44 on July 30, 2013

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Question by babyblue2pie: How much do you think you need to earn a year to live comfortably and buy the basic needs in the U.S?
Still figuring out my career i have three choices but people say that i need a job that pays about 50,000- 60,000 dollars a year.
My Dream Choices:
Librarians-$ 43,750.00/year
*Executive Secretary- $ 33,980.00/year (1st choice)
Social WOrker- $ 35,180.00/year
(This is for 1 person)
Los Angeles

Best answer:

Answer by I speak the Truth
You need around 80k to afford a nice home, a good car and living expenses.

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6 thoughts on “How much do you think you need to earn a year to live comfortably and buy the basic needs in the U.S?

  1. pam5469 says:

    depends on where you live… the “cost of living is cheaper in different parts of the country. Librarian is a great job in my state (RI) because it is a city job and you get a great benifits package.

  2. Stonewall says:

    How long is a string?

    I need $ 90K, my sister is happy with $ 40K. My boss can only be comfortable with about $ 200K a year.

    The question really needs to be a lot more detailed.

  3. Kate! says:

    In Texas you can live very well for under 30k a year if you get an apartment. My mother is single and lives by herself and makes 20k a year. She has all basic necessities and a little more. In other states, you may have to make as much as 50k to get your basic necessities.

  4. James says:

    This is totally dependent on where you want to live, I live in the NYC tri state area, an income of 100K+ is required to live comfortably around here (though salaries are also higher around here), much more if you want to live in Manhattan “comfortably”. A friend of mine recently moved to the phoenix arizona area, the same lifestyle could be had there for about 60K. Google housing costs for your area, if home prices are over 500k you can ballpark the need for 100K+ per year. If home prices are 250K then a very rough ballpark of 60k should be comfortable. Obviously kids, cars and what you define comfortable are going to be huge factors.

  5. S C says:

    It really depends on where you live and your spending habits. Find out average home prices, gas prices, utility costs, etc. Decide after you’ve figured all of that out. Go through your receipts over the last month or so and see how much of your spending is necessary, then adjust accordingly. I personally am doing just fine making less than 35k, I live in a very nice apartment, have a vehicle that I like, and I have money left over every month.

    Good Luck!

  6. country_girl says:

    It realy depends on where you live. the cost of living is varied by states and towns

    one thing you can do is do a cost of living search through yahoo – just type in cost of living for _____ and put in your state and town this will give you a genral idea.

    like for me – I live in upstate ny and i find creative ways to stretch my budget and do different things so I can make it and be comfortable on $ 29000 a year,but if I were to move to like albany – I would need a job that pays more

    do a search and check things out – you may find that you can live happily by doing one of your dream jobs

    good luck

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