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how much do Registerted nurses make?

by tom44 on June 18, 2014

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Question by Andiburn: how much do Registerted nurses make?
in new york/detroit/chicago/los angeles?

Best answer:

Answer by ewf20612
About $ 50,000 a year plus tips.

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3 thoughts on “how much do Registerted nurses make?

  1. stinkypinky says:

    median income for a registered nurse in la county is 76000

  2. Marko Polo says:

    This depends on where you live. From there, it depends on what field (rather, intensity of the job’s demand) of nursing and shift you choose. I live several miles east of Columbus, Ohio. In my area- and last I checked – critical care nurses start at about $ 18-20/hr. General medical/surgical nurses start at $ 16/hr. Some of our nurses went to Columbus to make more money; $ 22-25/hr. Traveling nurses make about $ 30-40/hr. They travel the country where needed for short stays of employment. This is great if you’re single. Contingent nurses are ones that are used on an on-call (when needed) basis and make about 25-50% more on the hour. The downside is they get no medical insurance from their employers. The easiest job for a nurse is to pursue a career as a case manager. In this job you only deal with insurance companies; not much physical labor there.
    I hope this has been helpful. Good luck.

  3. sk8trzmom says:

    Try looking on You can enter the job and zip codes. If you enter RN, it will give you multiple areas (emergency, surgical, etc.) and the base salaries in that area.

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