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How much do income tax prepares make in Tennessee?

by tom44 on March 12, 2013

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Question by fcullins3: How much do income tax prepares make in Tennessee?
I attend college in Memphis, TN, and is on the verge of taking a course on how to prepare taxes so I’ll be certified. I am also trying to supplement my income while in school to get my own place. Generally speaking, how much do income tax prepares make in the Memphis area? Anyone who is experienced is encouraged to give good veteran advice.


Best answer:

Answer by taxesbyJim
simple answer – not a lot more than minimum.

Long answer:
I have managed a tax office for the last several years (I don’t own the franchise, I just manage an office and do taxes)
Depends on the employer most offer a base wage with a bonus for working all year and the number of returns completed. May be a percentage of the amount paid for the returns you prepared during the year instead of a fixed amount per return.

In general the first year employees are only offered work through the end of the busy period, called peak, mid Feb.. You could be kept on after that if your performance was good and the office needs you or another office in the area can use you.
For the past two years all of the folks starting in my office were retained, some left because they obtained full time jobs or did not like doing taxes.
Generally I would work you 12 to 24 hours a week (3 to 6 days in four hour shifts). Before mid Feb. with a senior preparer and after possibly alone, depending on the volume of returns the office prepares. In my mid-volume office we work one person on per shift after peak, with someone on call if needed. With proper planning by the office supervisor they can work around your class and exam schedules as needed.
Your not going to get rich, but it will put money in your pocket, gas in the car, books in the bag, lunch in your tummy … and such.

Good Luck, its a part time job and with refresher training annually can be a long term job as well.

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