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How much do English teaching jobs pay in Korea if you have a k-8 teaching credential?

by tom44 on August 27, 2013

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Question by Oregon Teacher: How much do English teaching jobs pay in Korea if you have a k-8 teaching credential?
I am just about to finish my Masters in Teaching and a Washington state teaching credential for k-8th grade. I want to teach English in another country. I hear Korea has good pay and a low cost of living. Do I also need a TEFL, TESL, TESOL certificate? And what range of pay should I expect to be offered? Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Lydie
Nope, you don’t need one. (You’d already be better qualified than most of the English teachers in Korea). However, if you haven’t had any classes on teaching EFL, you might find some training in it useful.

If you teach at a private institute or at a public school (check out the EPIK program), you’ll probably make 2-2.4 million won per month. You’d make better pay, though, if you taught at an international school. Your salary would likely be close to what you’d earn in the US, with a much lower cost of living.

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One thought on “How much do English teaching jobs pay in Korea if you have a k-8 teaching credential?

  1. US-Grad-In-Korea says:

    I will give you an answer.

    First, you need to know there are many foreigners teaching English in Korea (by the way, I am Korean living in Seoul) and other Asia countries such as China, Japan and etc. Nowadays, in Korea, I see many Americans without a job because they are saying that there are too many English teachers. On top of that, I can firmly argue that certificates are useless in Korea. Please don’t try to compete with Korean English teachers or other foreigners by showing off your TESOL certificates or any other papers you might have. Even Korean high school students now possess all kinds of certificates including TESOL, Microsoft, Adobe and so on. If you truly want to succeed in teaching in foreign countries, go to places where there are not many English teachers like Vietnam.
    I would say among all the foreigners in Korea who came here to teach English, 50% of them have a job as a teacher and get really high salary ($ 4000.00 – $ 7000.00), 30% of them are teaching private tutor and 20% of them are dating fine Korean girls and just enjoying their lives.
    To support my answer, my uncle owns an Institute in Seoul. Good Luck!

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