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How much do CNA’s make in home care in CA? I live in WI. state of cheap. See below>.?

by tom44 on March 14, 2014

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Question by : How much do CNA’s make in home care in CA? I live in WI. state of cheap. See below>.?
They only pay CNA’s 10-12.00 13.00 IF you can find one an hour. I prefer home care.

I am going to be getting a job to be trained to do Home Health Care locally in my town. I know each state is broadly different in pay ranges.

(Also) is it a hard process to transfer licensing from one state to the other if I were to move? Can a person afford to live on CNA pay in Southern CA? San Diego Or Santa Monica area. Thanks

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Answer by Hannah
The salary of the average CNA in the LA area is $ 27,000 a year.

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One thought on “How much do CNA’s make in home care in CA? I live in WI. state of cheap. See below>.?

  1. maliboo_girl says:

    In LA right now the CNA market is flooded and some CNA’s are even paid minimum wage, $ 8 an hour. Laid off people trained as CNA’s because it’s a 6 week class at a community college. It’s hard to get any job here now, we have close to the worst unemployment in the country. Salaries have gone down for some professions, because there are many unemployed looking for jobs, and the employers aren’t doing great.

    I was looking for a part-time companion for a very active elderly relative, someone to go on walks with him and make sure he has the food he needs, etc. I had a lot of responses from CNAs with very nice recommendations and resumes, and even the very experienced were willing to work for $ 10 an hour. Many told me that things were bad for employment, and that’s why they were looking for anything somewhat in their skillset. I wasn’t advertising for a CNA.

    It seems easiest to find work as an inexperienced CNA at a retirement type home doing non-medical care, like taking residents to appointments, answering phones, etc. But most places want at least one year experience.

    To live in LA as a poor person, one needs $ 16 an hour, 2x minimum wage, full-time. It would likely be tough as an inexperienced CNA to earn that much, as most want experience. One place that pays well is UCLA, typically from about $ 17 to $ 20, but they want experience and it’s very competitive. They may not specifically advertise for CNA, I think sometimes they use the term Care Partner. Per diem (temporary) pay is generally higher than career position pay to start. Other hospitals use different terms. Many ask for American Heart Association BLS CPR certification, but often you can get that after you’ve been hired within a set time.

    Community colleges here also have LVN, and LVN to RN bridge programs, although BSN is highly preferred now, but you can also find RN to BSN programs. While it’s tough to find a job in CA now as a new RN, once one gains some experience the pay is good and some hospitals have a 3 day/12 hour week. (Due to non-resident fees, it may be cheaper to attend a community college in your own state, although some charge about the same as CA non-resident fees to their residents.)

    Low end rent for a studio in LA is $ 800+ a month, and that is not in Santa Monica in an ok neighborhood, then you’re looking at $ 1000+. It’s very expensive here! What many people don’t realize is that wages in LA are slightly higher than, or even the same as, wages in cities where rents are half of what they are here.

    Google: Los Angeles rental scams, and rental scams We have lots, if it looks too good to be true….

    You can probably find certification info here:

    Good luck!

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