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How many jobs do you think a New Las Vegas NHL Franchise will create?

by tom44 on March 14, 2014

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Question by john disque: How many jobs do you think a New Las Vegas NHL Franchise will create?

Sorry Kwon

Drac – you’re on the right track but think even bigger – much, much bigger and remember – “No one gambles like LV. Especially when the odds are in their favor.”

Best answer:

Answer by KwonKicker
probably somewhere in the ballpark of 1,000?

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8 thoughts on “How many jobs do you think a New Las Vegas NHL Franchise will create?

  1. TexHabsfan says:

    They shouldn’t have a problem creating a ‘dance team’, I will tell you that much !!

  2. Dracula needs a vodka tonic says:

    ^^ Maybe more!

    You need ticket reps, ushers, janitors, ticket takers, and parking attendees etc etc.

  3. Laying Low says:

    For hockey operations themselves, sure hundreds, counting affiliate teams in the AHL, ECHL, and whatever lower level league they decide to use.

    As far as services that Jen mentioned, it depends on whether the new arena hires people themselves, or contracts the work out to companies that already employ people that specialize in convention services. Nobody does a convention like Las Vegas, and there are many companies that would line up for a crack at this.

  4. tfoley5000 says:

    Like 10,000 Jobs Jobs that will be Created and Saved.

    Coyotes would be a better fit for Vegas then Phoenix that would Boost revenue for them.

  5. urbanreleaf says:


  6. lazyjbob says:

    Factoring in the amount of jobs that would be lost by the other team that would be moving to Las Vegas, I would say not enough to make this “hockey in Las Vegas experiment” worth it.

    If it comes down to that a team needs to be moved for the financially stability of the league, then move a team back to Winnipeg or Quebec where they will sell out every game no matter what.

  7. Sara :) says:

    In addition to what’s already been said, they’ll probably need food vendors, cooks, cleaning people, security guards, ice-sweepers, maintenance workers, etc.

  8. Leafsfan29 says:

    “If” a team were to relocate to Las Vegas (let’s forget expansion anytime soon), you have to factor in the jobs lost in the existing city.

    Most of these jobs are part-time in nature (I’m assuming you’re referring to arena workers). Front office staff…minimal. Scouting and hockey operations…it’s a wash from the relocated city.

    Would the league even allow wagering on games with a Las Vegas franchise? I don’t know the answer; but I can see how this might create concerns from the league. Then again, maybe the league will open its own sports book and casino hotel for all I know.

    The vast majority of the revenue/job creation estimates from these types of projects are highly suspect, and the basis for calculation highly dubious.

    From available data, it would appear that the Las Vegas area has been especially hard hit by the foreclosure issues and the recession. Casino projects have been shuttered, and there’s talk of bankruptcy filings (hospitality stocks have been killed of late). Maybe this is all rumour, conjecture, and bad reporting. Maybe.

    The “true” number of living wage jobs…fewer than anyone thinks. By that, I mean jobs in which someone can support a family.

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