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How long is the tsa job hiring process?

by tom44 on April 7, 2013

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Question by Friend of Jesus: How long is the tsa job hiring process?

Best answer:

Answer by jeriko112
From what I heard there is no definite answer. It can vary from a couple of months, to a year, or longer. It all depends on the airport you are applying for. I started the entire process in the beginning of March of 2012. The first week flew by scary fast and I found out I passed the test the same day I took it, which was pretty cool. I received a contingent offer and went through a credit check the same week. After about a month of waiting, I finally went through my airport assessment in Reno, NV. It went by pretty smoothly and the interview was not at all that bad. (I live about 2 hours away from there; I’m from Sacramento). The only real thing I had trouble with was my e86 form since it kept being rejected. After a 3 week time period of me trying to fix it and faxing the signature forms it finally went through. By this time it was already May, and I finally went through my medical & drug evaluation. That was pretty easy as well. So right now, it is June and I am waiting for my background check (which should be easy) since I have no criminal history. I haven’t gotten any email back stating that they have started my background checks but I am hoping they will soon. Once that is done, the next step I’ll be at is being placed in the ready pool. It has been about 3-4 months now and I would say that I am well over half-way done with the entire process. Not bad. The key thing is just to have patience (which is hard, because I want to work)! Haha. Just keep checking your candidate dashboard everyday! 😉

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