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How long is the selection process for correctional officers ?

by tom44 on July 12, 2013

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Question by Wasiah Rasheed: How long is the selection process for correctional officers ?
I have recently applied for a state and federal correctional officer position. I wasn’t sure if the process was a simple as passing the exam, submitting medical history & having the interview. I know with some jobs that can take one or two weeks and then some may take 6-9 months.

I’ve been doing so much research on the position but I have been unable to find this information. Also, we have walk-in testing on Wednesdays in Atlanta, can anyone estimate how much time I should set aside?

If anyone is currently working as a CO in the state of GA, please let me know about your experiences and if the position is a ‘job’ or ‘career’ for you.

Thanks for your time & advice in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by illtastesweet2
Not long enough.

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4 thoughts on “How long is the selection process for correctional officers ?

  1. rexski says:

    Here in Arizona we have a severe shortage of CO’s. If you were to apply and take the tests, you would know in a matter of days. The part that takes the longest is the background check. They did mine in two days, and that was well before our staff shortages began.

  2. sarhibar says:

    Testing should take approx. 2 to 3 hours but it can go longer. Most agencies will tell you to set aside the whole day for the process.

    You will have a background to clear, psych eval, drug screen, physical, and a polygraph to deal with. The depth of the background check can vary, and as such, will be what takes most of the time. How the agencies schedule all the testing will take time, as well. They may schedule them over a space of a week or may wait to build a pool of applicants and then schedule mass tests.

    On a fed level you may face multiple interviews: a singular interview, then a panel interview. Maybe even at a state level, just depends on the agency’s hiring standards.

    The hiring process can also change if you are being hired by a private run institution as opposed to a state funded facility.

    At minimum I would say 2 to 4 weeks, but a couple of months is possible.

  3. mike g says:

    depends on the prison

  4. tyrsson58 says:

    In Ga, for a State CO, the initial testing will most likely take several hours. They will grade the test, and you will be placed on a roster by your score. When there are openings at prisons where you indicated on your application you will be notified of an interview. If the Prison picks you, you will fill out a background check form, be fingerprinted, told to get a physical, drug screen, and the like. Some prisons use two interviews, some have their own test for you to take.

    If everything comes back ok, and they offer you a job, you go to BCOT. This is a 4 week program. You get paid during training.

    This could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Oh, and if you get an interview somewhere you don’t want to work, contact the prison and tell them you can’t come to the interview. You don’t have to make anything up, just say you can’t travel that far, etc. If you don’t show up at an interview and you don’t notify the prison, you will be taken off the interview list and not get any more interviews. Make sure you contact all prisons that send you interview requests.

    Good luck.

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