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How long does Newegg usually take to ship their products?

by tom44 on March 19, 2013

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Question by Iron Ice: How long does Newegg usually take to ship their products?
I ordered a bunch of parts for a carefully thought out gaming pc build from the site on Sunday and am wondering how long it generally takes to ship things. Most of the stuff was shipped from Memphis and one thing from Newark, plus another from City of Industry. I live in Atlanta. Any personal experiences?

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Answer by Chris Chris
If its already shipped it’s generally what you paid for. So 3 day ups is 3 day. UPS is good about it, remember weekends don’t count only business days. Even though it travels the country on non business days it won’t go out for delivery on the weekend.

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2 thoughts on “How long does Newegg usually take to ship their products?

  1. Aaron U. says:

    If your order is placed after hours, they do immediately the following morning. If placed the same day, anywhere from 4 – 6 hours later. Shipping is extremely fast. I usually get sh!t 2 days later, when I paid for 3 day shipping. And I’m 6 states away. They are very fast.

  2. George H says:

    The standard for newegg is “3 days ground” unless you ordered some thing different. If you ordered Sunday it will leave the loading doc Monday at 9 AM you should see it tomorrow. I use Newegg all the time and there east coast warehouse is 55 miles away from me. I ordered a part last sunday night and it arrived today at 1:45 PM I know my UPS driver and his route so I when things are comming. When you get your on line conformation you will also get a “tracking key” notice with bold blue numbers on it, click on it, and it will take you to the sign off of just were your package is at the moment! When I get to the shop in the morning I look at the tracking key If it says “out for delivery” it will be at my place at about 1:30-1:45PM I can have any jobs set up that need the new parts as they come in.

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