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How is the job market in the San Francisco Bay Area?

by tom44 on November 28, 2012

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Question by Arlene K: How is the job market in the San Francisco Bay Area?
How is the job market in the San Francisco Bay Area? Particularly in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries.

Is the job market in the Bay Area bad right now?

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Answer by ajtheactress
California is one of the states with the highest unemployment rates. SF job market is incredibly tight right now.

Check out Craig’s list and SF gate for an idea of just how few jobs are available.

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5 thoughts on “How is the job market in the San Francisco Bay Area?

  1. Jerry 71 says:

    The Bay Area’s unemployment rate is slightly lower than that of the entire state of Calif. and much lower than in some cities like Stockton. If you are interested in a job, just apply, but be prepared to apply for jobs in other parts of the country. I doubt that you will find pharmaceutical jobs on craigslist.

  2. marion says:

    It really depends on what kind of job you’re looking for. Could you give more specifics?

  3. Moonsong says:

    Very tight, very competitive and a number of companies have announced or are about to announce moving out of the state. The high taxation and housing costs, combined with the terrible roads and schools has many companies tossing up the white flag. In the biotech arena, the mergers have created a number of mass layoffs.

    For jobs in general go to the source that started in SF and is the main place for jobs that are real, For jobs specifically with biotech, go to each company’s website. That should give you the final, and tough, answer.

  4. The Bride Beatrice says:

    Biotech’s experienced a lot of layoffs in the past few years as smaller firms are bought by larger ones and then the excess is shed. I would definitely plan on making a few trips for interviews prior to moving out because the rents are extremely high, and you may want to live in the East Bay since that’s where many biotechs are located. Do a bit of research on what companies are here, then go directly to the websites of the companies to see what jobs are available (most biotechs don’t advertise on craiglist). Also try looking at hospitals/labs — I know CMPC Med Center is hiring. Good luck!

  5. kimo092681 says:

    To be honest for once the job market is like every place else. Alot of people thought the bay area would not be hit hard with the economy going through rough times, but I think the bay area was hit the hardest. Especially in the Silicon Valley.

    Bay Area has always had the highest paying job market due to most of all high tech computer or technology companies are all based in the bay area. Also because the housing market in the bay area has always been the most expensive place to live in the nation, but its because the jobs always paid above average. More then the income of New York City.

    A lot of companies that had to downsize did and they downsized their corporate headquarters which make up of most of the companies in the bay area.

    Now even though the job market may be hard in the bay area, this would be the place to be when the market picks up as we all know technology basically runs everything in our world and most of the worlds technology comes out of the silicon valley/bay area. But the job market is still steady here, its not as bad as other places, but slowly the jobs will pick up and we will have to many jobs like we have had before and not enough people to fill them. Thats what makes the bay area such a competitive place is jobs are always poppin up here, and soon well be back to where were last year.

    Bay Area is still the tech hub of the world, the most expensive place to live, and the best job market in the nation even during this rough economic time.

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