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How is the job market in Atlanta?

by tom44 on June 13, 2014

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Question by Ashley Mendenhall: How is the job market in Atlanta?
I currently work for a large university and will possibly be relocating as my fiance has just received a job offer from a company in Atlanta. Most of my experience is in special events / marketing / communications. I would love to find a job with a local college or university in Atlanta or would be open to working really anywhere. 🙂

I’m willing to take an administrative job that incorporates my skills (event planning, marketing, etc.) if necessary.

How is the job market in Atlanta? Do you think I’ll struggle to find a job?

Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by A F
In Atlanta as everywhere else the job market is struggling. The best possibilities would be for you to ask around as soon as people where you work know you are leaving and see who knows people at the Colleges and Universities around Atlanta. As you probably know in the education world even more than other segments the best jobs come by personal contacts. Check the website of every educational institution in and near Atlanta and see if they are posting employment opportunities or at least get the name of the appropriate person to whom to direct a personal letter with your resume. (go for the head of the department vs human resources when you can).

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2 thoughts on “How is the job market in Atlanta?

  1. Meredith says:

    Will you struggle finding a job here???? Possibly. There are some sectors that do well in the current economy (like engineering). Other fields are floundering. I don’t think the public relations/marketing sectors are as strong as they were.

    However …. it seems like you’d move here no matter what, because of your fiance. So — once you arrive, do what you can to market yourself in any related field. (If the Atlanta Business Chronicle still publishes their ‘Book of Lists’ you may find it helpful in locating viable employers.)

    I’m a big advocate of networking and personal connections. Once you give notice at your school, see if your boss or other colleagues have connections for you in Atlanta. (There are certainly plenty of schools here!)

  2. DSGB says:

    Good luck… i’m planning on relocated there real soon too.. I’m in the inventory control market and everytime I go on there I see lots of jobs there…. Not just for that field but several others.

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