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How is Philly doing compared to other cities with jobs?

by tom44 on August 6, 2013

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Question by Harry: How is Philly doing compared to other cities with jobs?
Major job loss all over the United States. How is Philadelphia holding up. What industries are doing good and what are bad?

I’m moving there next month and I’m a bit concerned.
I work in the mechanical engineering field.

Best answer:

Answer by Barry auh2o
It’s hard to tell because you do not mention your background.

While most makor cities are having problems with jobs, ( small cities are too,) look on the bright side. you aren’t moving to Cleveland or Detroit.
As of August. Phila’s unemploymentt rate was 6.1%. The National average was 6.1%. However, Phila does not have any huge employers, such as a Ford or GM plant employing thousands, that if they have a big layofff., the whole area suffers.

Welcome to Philadelphia, and best of luck.

You’ll find a job there. Beleieve , you will. Traditionally, when things start to pick up., Philadelphia will be among the first cities to feel it.
PS. Order your Phila cheese steak ‘wit.”

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