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How is it to living in Denver?

by tom44 on January 20, 2014

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Question by Ieronica: How is it to living in Denver?
Hello Everyone,

I’m Egyptian and lives in Egypt right now but I’m willing to move to work & live in Denver city, Colorado. I need to ask about few things please…

1st: My first concern is that I have a movement handicap (walk with 2 crutches as I have fragile bones & have broken my legs many time before, I’m getting better now thank God but I still walk with crutches & with caution plus there are many movements that I can’t do). So excuse me as I’ll have many question about this particular thing 🙂
So is Denver a place that is easy & friendly for disabled persons? Will I find easy transportation & easy to go inside different places, supermarkets, restaurants, theaters…etc? Are there any kind of aid and tools to help disabled persons in their life? Also in this regard, what about homes in Denver? Are there special things for homes for disabled that I should know or ask about when finding a home there?

2nd: Will I like it in Denver & will like to live there? About everything I mean.. places, streets, neighborhood, people, atmosphere in general, weather, general facilities…etc.

3rd: I think Denver city is a small city, am I right about this? If so, are there different churches for different divisions of Christianity (like Coptic Orthodox Churches, Evangelical Churches)

4th: Are there shopping places online? or it’s limited things to be delivered? I heard the delivery concept in general is less in some cities than others, is this right?

5th: Is Denver a place with historical atmosphere & ancient look & buildings or a modern atmosphere that doesn’t have any historical atmosphere?

6th: Last thing is about salaries, what are average salaries in general in Denver and in particular for the filed of Search Engine Marketing (Online/Digital Marketing) per month?
On average, how much is the cost of living in Denver per month? (If you give me an average please let me know if this include everything or not like rent, electricity, gas, food…etc)

Any information about the above would be really helpful to have an image about the place. Your help would be very much appreciated :)) Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for my long message :))
Sorry guys it seems that I wasn’t clear about this part or didn’t actually mention anything about this. I work in a US company in Egypt and the owner is going to get me there in Denver to work in their company from Denver instead of Egypt. So what’s related to legal issues, residency with work permission and everything related to this is ready to be set & prepared through the owner (he already told me he is ready for this & he is the one who actually offered this for me). So that part is not to worry about.

Best answer:

Answer by Jan
Well, first question is how you think you will qualify to live and work in the US.
Do you have an immediate family member who is a US citizen to petition to bring you here?
Do you have a Masters degree in a profession that is in short supply in the US? That is the only way you will get a work visa to work here. You will need a US employer who is willing to sponsor you for a work visa.
If you found a way to really move here, you would not be eligible for any government assistance regarding your disability. You would be on your own to provide health insurance for yourself. If immigration feels that you would ever be a burden to the US taxpayers because of your disability, you won’t be approved for any type of visa.
Doesn’t matter if you are “willing” to live and work here, you have to qualify in order to do either. You can’t just move here because you want to.

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