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How is Fort Sam Houston as a duty station for a non-medic?

by tom44 on May 4, 2013

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Question by DivRank: How is Fort Sam Houston as a duty station for a non-medic?
I was wondering how life is like for people who are non-AIT soldiers who have Ft. Sam Houston as their duty station. How is the community in the surrounding areas in San Antonio? What activities are there? Are there any opportunities to learn anything medic related such as workshops? What are the housing options for soldiers as far as living on or off base? Any general information would be great.

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Answer by Living the Dream
San Antonio is a fun place to be, but watch out. Even if your job doesn’t have you working directly with trainees, going to Sam is one of the easiest places to lose rank at. So if your job doesn’t require it – don’t talk or interact with trainees.

If you’re not a medic, you’re not going to go to medic training. You will be able to go to CLS if your command approves it. Just because you’re going to the home of the medics doesn’t mean you get their training. I didn’t get MP training when I was at Ft Leonard Wood.

Housing options are the same as any other post. If you are an E-5 or below with no dependents, you will be living in the barracks. If you have dependents, you will have the option to apply for on-post family housing or to live out in the city. If you are an officer with no dependents, you will be required to live off-post.

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