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How hard would it be to go from a medical assistant to a nurse?

by tom44 on August 24, 2012

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Question by Kyia: How hard would it be to go from a medical assistant to a nurse?
I’m currently going to school to be a medical assistant. However, I’d really prefer to be a nurse, or something with higher pay. How would I got about doing that once I have my degree as an MA?

Also, if anyone knows how much a medical assistant makes (hourly. Yearly) that would be great, and how hard is it going to be for me to find a job once I graduate? I live in central Austin, texas so I didn’t think it would be too hard. However, recently I’ve really been worrying about this.

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Well, if you earn your medical assisting degree from a community college (not a for-profit school like Kaplan, Brown Mackie, etc), you should be able to transfer for general ed classes (English Comp, Algebra, Psychology, Speech, and some sciences to an Associate Degree Nursing or a BSN program. Your medical assisting course will not transfer, of course, but most of the general education courses should go towards your nursing prerequisites.

If you are still taking prerequisites for Medical Assisting, why not look into transferring to a reputable college or university with a nursing program instead of going on into the MA courses?

Here’s a link to make sure any nursing program you are looking into is accredited….otherwise, it’s going to be hard to get a nursing license and a job in a reputable facility:

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One thought on “How hard would it be to go from a medical assistant to a nurse?

  1. she wants to _know says:

    your classes should be able to go towards your nursing degree ,a medical assistant can make from $ 8.00-$ 12.00 depends if your in a dr. office hospital, dental office or independent offices. job are scarce now days ,but if you did become a nurse you can look into traveling nurses you may great pay and your not in the same setting for no more than a few months to a year at a time just which ever you perfer also nurses demands great study time I recommend that you not work or work about10 hrs per week…… and also there may be a waiting list once you have done you classes and geting to your clinicals… to take the state test it may be a waiting list and if im not mistakes you have 2 chances to pass ..good luck!

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