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How Hard is it to get a job in Seattle Washington?

by tom44 on June 9, 2014

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Question by Zachary C: How Hard is it to get a job in Seattle Washington?
I have an Associates Degree in Business Administration, and have good references from my job. I have been working as a security guard with the same resort for 1.5 years. Before that I worked as a computer tech for a real estate company. Am I going to have a hard time finding a job that pays the bills?
I’m just talking about the general job market. I guess the better question to ask is “Are there a lot of job openings?”. You could ask me the same question about my town and I could give you a strait away “No” because we have a very slow job market.

Best answer:

Answer by sobuhutch
Yes and no.

There are tons of jobs out there.

However, everyone and their dog has a bachelor’s degree. Just think when you walk down the street at least 1 out of every three you see will be just as educated as you, if not more.

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4 thoughts on “How Hard is it to get a job in Seattle Washington?

  1. punk_rawk_grrl says:

    This is pretty much a question with no answer. A job in what field? And what’s your personality like? There’s a lot more than having a little experience on a resumé. I’ve interviewed a LOT of people and if someone’s experienced and educated it really doesn’t mean squat if they appear conceited, seem a bit vague about why they left prior jobs or just give me a bad vibe. And are these the only two jobs on your resumé? And an Associates degree will do little to make employers choose you over other candidates.

    Seattle definitely has a high cost of living but we also have the highest minimum wage. So the only answer I think we can give this question is “it depends” – on your attitude, on the job you’re trying to get and what you expect to be making.

  2. Kimmay says:

    I think getting a job require skills and luck. Try a site like monster or something, and check the adds. Im sure that will give you a bunch of leads.

  3. C1ty B0y 86 says:

    two things washington state is proud of is education and job. thing is we have lot of big companies out here. 1st business is everywhere so u can go to anyplace with that. security guard? we got casinos, alot of them. computer? we got microsoft come on. real estate? we have cities tht are recreting themselve like renton and lots of place in northside of seattle. so i would say wit ur experince, you got the job

  4. Sione™ says:

    In general, the job market here in Seattle is pretty strong. There are a lot of jobs out there for the taking and having a degree helps a lot in getting your foot in the door somewhere. You shouldn’t struggle too badly finding a job, though you might need to take A job while you search for something more along the lines of your dream job…

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