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How hard is it to find a receptionist job in Houston?

by tom44 on January 11, 2014

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Question by me me: How hard is it to find a receptionist job in Houston?
Or some kind of clerical job? Also how much do they generally get per hour?

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Answer by Grouch
It’s easy. I don’t live in Houston but San Francisco. If you can’t find a permenant job as a receptionist, you can register with a temp agency. They have a lot of receptionist jobs. They usually pay 13 to 16 an hour.

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4 thoughts on “How hard is it to find a receptionist job in Houston?

  1. truthbtold says:

    don’t take advice on pay in houston from someone living in san francisco.

    the cost of living is more expensive in ca than in tx, therefor the rate at which people get paid in ca will be more than in tx.

    for a receptionist position or a general clerical position your rate will be about $ 8.00 to $ 12.00/hour.

    if you have great experience, that can greatly increase.

    if you start with a temp agency the can also help negotiate a higher rate.

    best of luck.

  2. aradia says:

    not that hard check the green sheet its in every store new everyweek just try them all and if you are what they are looking for then they will hire you starting pay is starting at 7.50-9.00 also check this link

  3. William K says:

    Your best bet is through an agency. They’ll have the feelers into companies and will hear about jobs before they are listed. I don’t know about receptionist jobs, but clerical jobs start out in the $ 10 per hour range, but they usually come with insurance (you never know you need it until you have it).

  4. beautyzhername says:

    not very hard if you know the right people or get to know them. go to or call HoustonWorks! or go to and put together a profile. In houston, those jobs ago anywhere from $ 7.00 to $ 18.00 an hour depending on experience. i am in school part time and work full time at a hospital and make $ 16+ an hour. i have only been in this 2yrs. God is good. Just start off by getting connected. Houston works is excellent about job placement.

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